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Jill Valentine cosplay by Narga

From Resident Evil

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Get ready for a badass zombie apocalypse !


This isn’t a review, a summary of the movie with my personal comments on it, full of spoilers.

My sister Dakota & I, are big fans of the Resident Evil film series ! We watched all of the previous ones together… this is the sixth movie and last. It was deeply desired and requested by fans, I’m more than happy that they gave an amazing ending to these cult movies, and what an ending !

It starts off intense, the city of Washington is devastated and Alice has to fight her way out. We see some creepy-winged dragon like beast following her, and the actions scenes are pretty badass. While she’s trapped in some basement, she encounters the Red Queen asking her for trust and telling her to get to Raccoon City if she wants to save what remains of humanity.

Alice gets to the main road where she finds a motorbike belonging to the Umbrella corporation… her old enemies strike again, and who does she come face to face ? No other than the dreadful Isaacs !


He’s there, back in the game and more crazy than ever. He’s become real religious and has extreme views on the end of the world and civilization. But Alice, being one of the most awesome female heroes (and my idol), gets out and reaches Raccoon City. The story comes full circle.

Her bestie Claire is there, and they decide to go to the Hive where it all started years ago, searching for an airborne antidote to the T-Virus that the Red Queen told Alice about; I absolutely loved the scene with the dogs, it’s a constant in the Resident Evil series, having that back was just the best and a true hommage to the franchise.

Once they finally get to the hot point, they meet with the actual Isaacs and Wesker… because guess what, the other ones we saw before ? They were only clones ! Most shocking reveal of it all, was that our beautiful and special Alice, she is also just a clone. The real, the original, is Alicia Marcus which is no other than Dr Marcus’ daughter.


She’s not dead, she was put into a cryogenic capsule and so were the rest of the Umbrella corporation’s employees, which she is the co-leader of. They were all meant to wait up in those capsules safely, until the T-Virus got rid of the entire human civilization and left Earth entirely for them to wake up to.

A truly genius and evil plan. Of course Alice wasn’t gonna let that go through, she was fighting her last battle relentlessly even after these terrible revelations, knowing she might die in the process because she is after all, contaminated by the T-Virus as well.

I was worried the scenarists would kill her off in the end, but then I thought watching it happen before my eyes : they can’t kill Alice ! she’s un-killable ! She is unique, despite them saying she is a clone. She survived, the antidote got rid of the virus inside of her. The ending was perfect, Alicia Marcus gave her memories to Alice, so she’d have a past she could never remember before because she never lived it.

I thought the movie was great ! I was so into it, and it felt super short because the action scenes were one after the other and they were absolutely cool. I got nothing bad to say, I wanted this movie to happen, I felt like as fans we deserved a worthwhile ending and we got it. So, my expectations were matched and Milla Jovovich is as gorgeous as ever.


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iZombie – Ravi & Liv

My favorite dialogue from Season 1

Liv : What the hell is Warlock Forest ?
Ravi : Have you been living under a crag ? Which is a large jagged rock in Warlock Forest. It’s an MMORPG. A multiplayer online role playing game.
Liv : Oh, is that one of those games where grown men pretend to be warrior gnomes and quest after magical knickknacks ?
Ravi : No. It’s one of those games where hard-working professionals can relax whilst performing virtual heroic acts that require creativity, tactical skills and teamwork, while saving the Moss Princess. It’s a billion-dollar industry. Some people even get paid loads of money to level up characters that can dominate in these games.
Liv : People make money playing video games ?
Ravi : Oh yeah, it’s a big business.