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The ending is confusing

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This is an all-girl movie, which is totally badass. The main characters are five strong, cool, smart and beautiful women; I’m totally digging that !

Natalie Portman is one the best actresses in the world, and she held her role like the pro she is. She made the storyline more captivating, the way she acts makes me really care about what’s happening on screen… and the movie definitely needed that since it’s not even shown in HD on Netflix. It’s a low blow for sci-fi fans, and everyone else who was expecting this movie for a while. Go figure why Netflix decided to screw us like that. The visuals could have been amazing if they were in good quality.

It’s a really weird plot. There’s this thing they call “The Shimmer” that’s obviously from alien origin since it crashed on Earth. It started to grow from the crash point & on, and turning everything on its way, transforming it… spreading like cancer cells. These women are trying to figure out what’s going on, they’re kind of the last hope because everyone else who went into “The Shimmer” perimenter never came back.

As the movie goes on we figure that things are mutating, but not only things, humans are mutating as well… and animals and plants, everything that has DNA has been modified. We never truly understand why, that thing that crashed on Earth and is doing all of that isn’t expressing what they want. That’s why the ending came to be so confusing, because it survived taking human form and it still gave no answers, but hugged Natalie Portman while both their eyes started glowing – totally creepy.

The Universe might be beautiful and fascinating, but there’s a reason why it also inspires us with terror, because it’s dangerous.

RATING – 7.5/10 Great ! Would have enjoyed this movie a lot better if it were in HD, thus why I had to take off some points in the final grade because it was literal torture to see a movie of this caliber produced by Netflix but shown in crap quality on their freaking platform… I don’t get why they would do something like that, but it’s detrimental to the movie experience for sure.

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TOMB RAIDER – mini review

Lara Croft’s origin story

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I was expecting this movie for a while, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so good… it’s literally the best action video-game movie of the year & I know 2018 barely started, but I’m telling you this is it ! I had so much fun watching it you don’t understand : it was a total blast. I loved the storyline which mixed some Indiana Jones & Assassin’s Creed bits with an amazing superheroine played by the beautiful and talented Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander, who is a more relatable Lara Croft. Her acting is raw, focused, in character, she’s the real deal, she’s Lara !

This is her origin story, how everything started for her and it really caught my attention and made me want to play the games. I thought it was really cute the whole father-daughter relationship, and how Lara never gave up on her father who disappeared seven years ago and found the bravery to go look for him on a creepy, scary, almost impossible to get-to island off the coast of Japan. After managing that she discovered that she’d gotten herself into quite a mess with a dangerous organization going by the name of “Trinity”.

They’re trying to get to “Himiko” a mythical queen said to have the power of death… Lara and her father are doing everything they can to keep the Trinity from getting there and using her powers for destruction purposes. Trinity’s motives are evil, they want to unleash genocide upon the world.

RATING – 9/10 Amazing ! I’m going back to the movie theater this week just to watch it again… I mean, this deserves a second screening, it was visually and action-wise so satisfying. If for whatever reason you’ve decided to boycott seeing it on a big screen, which is the ideal condition for a movie of this caliber, then trust my word for it and go see it anyways, you will not regret how good it is.

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Maze Runner: The Death Cure – REVIEW


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I haven’t read any critics about this movie because I just don’t care about negative feedback anymore, especially if I really enjoyed something (which is the case here) I don’t want to ruin my mood by checking what someone is bashing about it. I feel like this sequel was a lot better than the second one, which is The Scorch Trials; I saw it at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles in D-Box and that was really cool since the seats were moving along the movie, but The Death Cure had much more to the storyline and the action scenes were filled with emotional distress from everyone. I connected to the characters like I was somehow looking at a real event in our future history.

Pretty cool I’d say, it was well made. I love how it was filmed, and there was enough screen time for every main character. I like the Maze Runner series, so obviously I was totally upset about the death of Newt and Teresa… I know some of you might be wondering, but why be upset about Teresa’s death ? wasn’t she a “traitor” ? I mean yes, she did completely betray them and the results of that action were awful afterwards, but I kinda understood why she did that. She thought she made the right choice, because in the end all she wanted to achieve was save the world, and everyone in it. She thought that all of the bad she was doing would be worth it, or somehow justified, if she managed to find a cure.

Unfortunately, if you’ve seen the movie you remember that she died quite horribly. After finally having the breakthrough she needed, her hopes were destroyed because the entire place they were at, the Last City was falling apart. After a tragic goodbye kiss to Thomas she fell to her death. But not before doing everything she could to help him out of there, and get him the cure so he could maybe pursue were she didn’t get enough time and failed. Thomas was in love with her, and seeing her dying definitively marked him forever. He will always carry that painful memory.

I liked Newt so much, it was so unfair that he wasn’t immune and had to die like this… he got the Flare, the virus and he turned and attacked Thomas who was trying his best to defend himself without killing him, but a knife through Newt’s heart is how it ended. I think everyone felt powerless and defeated then. They wanted to get him the cure but it was too late. Someone kind of ressurected from the death, and that was Alby. He was in the first movie, Minho thought he killed him by throwing a spear through him… plus Alby got the Flare, turns out he was immune and he was still alive when they left him to die. Apparently a bunch of people found him, picked him up and patched him back, and then he found his way back to Thomas & his clique in this last movie. Helping each other this time, instead of fighting over plans of actions like they did when they were all stuck in the maze.

They managed to save all the immunes in a freaking crazy master plan move, and get out of the Last City on time to take a boat off the continent. They got to what appeared to be an island, their new safe haven, but I could tell from Thomas eyes at the end of the movie, what he really wanted was to carry on what Teresa hoped to do. Which is to go back to the continent and make larger doses of the sample of the cure she gave him, and distribute it to all the infected. Thomas also like Teresa, wants to save everyone. I doubt they’ll make a sequel, but it would been nice and at the same time if they could revive Teresa because that was one of the worst death I’ve seen.

RATING – 8.5/10 Awesome ! I enjoyed this sequel from beginning to end, and I want to watch it again because it was so good ! It was to my liking, it interested me, it pulled my emotional strings and the action was on point.

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STAR TREK Discovery Finale – REVIEW

Are we finally going to see what happened on the USS Enterprise ?

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“Oh My !” like would George Takei say… the ending of the last episode of the first season of Star Trek Discovery, was absolutely intense ! I was this close to drop tears : in a split second it was starting to feel really emotional.

If you’ve watched the Star Trek reboot movies, then you know that Kirk’s dad was the commander of the USS Enterprise when something bad happened and they had to send a distress signal that was intercepted by the USS Discovery on their way to Vulcan. I’m not sure what went down, but we all are aware it’s commemorated as a tragic incident… so maybe in season 2 we will get to see that ? Fingers crossed !

To go back to the episode itself, it was a wild ride. It was full of action and there was kind of unexpected moments, so that was cool. I love being surprised with where the storyline is heading.

Captain Georgiou is taking command, but she’s from an alternate universe where “Terrans” are roughless, untrustworthy and violent. They play on fear, and thrive from that. Which makes pretty much everyone uncomfortable because it isn’t The Federation ways. They call up to her help anyway since the situation is critical, they are afraid the Klingons are going to attack and destroy Earth – which is The Federation’s homeworld.

Captain Georgiou makes out a plan that she doesn’t disclose entirely to Burnham, Tilly, and Tyler who are accompanying her on the Klingons homeworld thinking she isn’t seeking out total obliteration of Qo’noS but are quickly deceived when they find out that she was. Then Burnham takes command off her, and decides to save both worlds by coming up with an insane plan involving convinving L’Rell (a Klingon they held captive on the USS Discovery) of their good intentions and somehow she manages to do that, with great timing and self-control.

I’m really shortening things right now, but I promise the development of the series and this particular episode was quite spectacular. All ends well, Burnham gets a pardon for her astounding services, Georgiou escapes for her freedom, L’Rell and Tyler stray away together to work on the unification of the Klingons, the other crew members are all thanked and get medals of honor.

RATING – 8.5/10 Awesome ! damn this had become one of my favorite shows to watch, I am so bummed it’s already done for this year… you should totally binge it on Netflix, the visuals are incredible and it’s so well thought and the costumes, makeup and everything are totally amazing.

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Supergirl #16 – REVIEW

Special cover by Artgerm aka Stanley Lau

Honestly I bought this comic for the cover… I instantly regonized Artgerm’s artwork and I needed to have it ! I’m a huge Supergirl fan though, of the CW TV Series… I haven’t really read much of her in comic book form, but the storyline caught me in and now I guess I’m gonna keep reading the next issues.

I don’t have a lot of background to the story that was presented in this issue, it’s the 16th and from what I’ve gathered the DEO is after Supergirl – totally different from the TV Show where Supergirl & the DEO are like pals and working together. There’s this real creepy “guy” called Bones that’s organizing a massive take down plan, and using people with powers to stop or kill Supergirl. I have no clue what his personal vendatta is with her, but I hate him already.

Supergirl’s alter ego, Kara Danvers, looks wildly different in this comic book series. Not only does she wear the usual glasses, but she has brown hair ! She’s a total brunette, it’s so strange. I’m not sure if it’s a wig or what, but I’m still digging the whole “human” look the pencillers are going for. There’s two villains in this story, first one is Sharon Vance but from what I’ve read so far, she doesn’t seem to be an actual villain, she was conditioned by Bones to act badly but in reality she’s kind of on Supergirl’s side.

Whereas the other villain, Deceilia who’s a crazy maniac killer only wants to cause mayhem and murder as many people as she possibly can… they kind of cut the flow right when Supergirl was about to confront her, so I won’t know what happens until next month. I’m totally curious & gonna be on the lookout for #17.

RATING – 7/10 Nice ! Well here’s my problem with monthly issues, is that I have to wait an entire month until I can read the rest of the story ! It’s suspensful sure, which can be good if you aren’t impatient like I am. I think it’s a fun series to start if you’re into Supergirl, and the cover is honestly freaking amazing.

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The Good Place – Season 2 Finale Review

Season 2 was a great run !

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I hate season finales… I mean I love them, but I hate them at the same time if you know what I mean. It’s just that the whole season builds up to the finale, but then when it’s there you realize : oh gosh, this is the end & you gotta wait an entire year to find out what’s next. It’s not cool, I wish my favorite TV Shows would never take breaks. I know it’s not reasonable 🙂

I started The Good Place on Netflix a little bit out of boredom (that’s actually basically how I start anything on there) but it was so good ! I got caught up into it completely, I loved the concept, and the storylines and it’s so much fun ! Made me laugh a ton. Kristen Bell is absolutely glorious, I adore that actress and I think this role of Eleanor Shellstrop fits her really well. Everyone’s pulling off their characters in a great way, and that’s what makes the show even more enjoyable.

This is not much of a review as it is a talk about the season 2 finale. I’m just left with so many questions ! It didn’t really end, it’s an open ending and I dislike those because I’m impatient and I cannot believe that it’s gonna take forever for them to follow up on it. A lot happened this season, but if I fast-forward it I’ll put it this way.

First after Eleanor and her friends figured out they weren’t actually in The Good Place that it was a lure, they tried to escape it without success. Then they got their memories wiped out and they had to relive variants of their time spent there. Lastly, the demon known as Michael decided he didn’t want to be a “bad guy” anymore and helped them escape where they were all heading, which is The Bad Place.

Wasn’t easy, they had to meet a Judge who was a little cuckoo like most of the characters in this show, and they came her-the Judge and Michael the-demon, to an accord as to (I guess) put them back where they died. Like a resurrection ! Just so they could see if their time spent in the fake-Good Place made them into better people, and if they deserved to go to the real-Good Place after they pass. Very exciting stuff, except it ends right there and then… and we don’t get to see where Tahani and Jianyu went.

RATING – 7/10 Nice ! I love the ideas and where it’s heading, but I wish it was a longer episode because there’s so much left out… for season 3.

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Black Mirror – Season 4 RATED

My ratings are completely biased & subjective to my own taste


This was in my opinion, the best episode ever of Black Mirror… I’m not the only one to have thought so, people went wild online asking for a spinoff; I mean it was such an awesome episode that obviously we’d want a series made from it. Like, please Netflix : make it happen ! It’s Star Trek related, vintage style which makes it even cooler, the scenario is crazy. There’s this dude who’s made a game in which he can put people inside after extracting their DNA, and when he does that these people are like actually conscious in there, encoded to feel like they’re really inside.

Mind blowing ! But that alternative reality / world has many downs, and they’re trying to escape it and when they do (SPOILER ALERT) they find out that they’re in this wider online game, and being finally free they can live as if they were in the Star Trek series, and go wherever they want – can you even imagine how amazing it would be if you were part of a Federation crew on a ship in space, and could follow your dreams ?! WE WANT MORE !!

RATING – 10/10 Perfection !


I didn’t like this episode… it was not my cup of tea, at all. I don’t want to be mean, and I can’t write a bad review about something because I understand and can guess how much hard work is put in every creative conception. So, I can tell you that it’s well directed, the actors are really good, the storyline is interesting. The problem for me was mostly related to the ending, and I’ve said this many times before, but if an ending isn’t up to my expectations then I’m not gonna like the whole thing. Just because the ending is the most important part for me, so if that’s kinda screwed up then it’s a no-go.

I also feel like they didn’t exploit the huge possibilities this could have led to. I guess that was a choice, but yeah… they’re injecting inside the brain of children some type of device or something, that allows the parents to control them basically via a tablet… see where I’m going with this. Well unfortunately, don’t let your imaginations run wild because what they’ve done is almost basic. It’s the teenage girl rebellion archetype drama, and runaway vision, that’s usually exploited without the need of a sci-fi aspect in teen angst movies or TV shows.

RATING – 5/10 meh… wouldn’t say it’s necessary to watch. You can skip that one.


I usually like anything related to psychopaths, but not so much this, because the main character isn’t actually the serial killer type, it’s circumstancial. So there’s this lady & her boyfriend, and they run over a guy, leave him for dead after throwing him off a cliff and into a river (or the sea, not sure it’s Iceland). They make this pact of going on with their lives and hiding this from the authority, to avoid jail-time. A couple years later, the guy still feels guilty and wants to come clean to the police about the murder, but the lady who’s made herself a quite comfortable life without him, can’t fathom losing all that.

She goes on a killing spree from that moment onward. She kills him first to preserve the secret, but some things happen afterwards and she’s made by someone, who she decides she has to kill as well. She’s kinda losing her mind and goes to the house of that victim to kill her family too, just because they were potential witnesses. Yeah, that’s basically it… at some point the police figures it out because it’s the future and they have these cool-ass Blade Runner type of machines to read memories, from humans & animals alike. That’s how it ends.

RATING – 5.5/10 okay… not as bad as Arkangel, but I would have given it a pass.


I don’t know… I’m not the romance type of gal, I’m so not into love stories. I can watch but I rarely enjoy. That being said, this episode wasn’t boring to my surprise. I kind of liked it. It wasn’t transcendental but it was cute and fun at times. I feel like you get it from the beginning, that this is not the real world. That it’s some type of alternative reality, or game or whatever. It’s just too odd to be “the future” or else. So actually it’s an app that measures people’s compatibility and provides them with a score.

To match them together, the algorithm goes through all kinds of scenarios that these encoded people are living with each other. I don’t have much to say about this, because it’s just a love thing. What’s cool it’s that it’s mixed with technology, and that this weird-ass alternative thing is super excentric in some ways. If you’re into couples and such, you probably won’t hate it.

RATING – 6/10 cool !


A black and white episode ? I already love the concept. The episode’s biggest flaw was that there’s absolutely zero context. You’ll guess that it’s a post-apocalyptic world, but there’s no clue on what happened and how it got to this. The storyline is not focusing on that, and actually the storyline is pretty shit… so apparently it’s dangerous to go out in the world, for any reason at all, and there’s a group of three people who decide to put their lives in jeopardy just to find a teddy bear for a little kiddo who’s dying from cancer.

Quite touching, but really ? You’re gonna risk your life for a toy ? Sounds quite fetched. Apart from that, the visuals are freaking awesome. I love black and white, and what I love more is when directors decide to make something in B&W just like they did for the movie Logan (which was incredible, better than in color). I like how harsh the world seems in this episode, and lonesome and wild with these insane killer robot dogs roaming everywhere. It’s totally my thing, but they could have made it longer and given it a context.

RATING – 7/10 Nice !


This came close to being the best episode this season, and is definitely in the top 3 or 5 of “the best episodes of Black Mirror” – haven’t watched the previous seasons (yet), so this is like my second fave so far. There’s so many easter eggs, it’s wild ! You’re gonna love that especially if you’re a hardcore Black Mirror fan… okay, so there’s this museum that’s in the middle of nowhere really, in the US desert and it showcases all kinds of artifacts that are related to murders or other bad things that someone did. The proprietor tells stories about some, and his dialogue is totally quotable at key moments. I like that.

It’s all about pain, and feelings, and impossible situations that make humans interact and act a way they normally wouldn’t. I totally related to some of the things that were said, which is what caught my attention mostly… plus as you know, I like psychopath stuff, and this is it. The ending is perfect and totally badass. I don’t really want to spoil this episode, you should watch it ! I’m recommending it like 100%.

RATING – 8.5/10 Awesome !

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