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Science Museum in Belgrade

Last summer my sister & I went to the Science Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. I was vlogging that day, but I never posted the video to the magazine because obviously I look totally awkward and dorky; this is like, “the real me” kind of stuff I usually share on my blog only… since it’s science related, there you go now.

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“It’s all about Science !” exclusive trailer

Our new series will debut soon ! here’s the trailer for the first episode 😃

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Bits & pieces

Prirodnjacki Centar in Serbia

Pictures from last summer, when I went to the grand opening of The Centre of National History in the city of Svilajnac. They built a nice and fun place to learn about dinosaurs, minerals and rocks etc… they have a cool store with plenty of awesome things I can’t wait to get to decorate my bedroom with; it’s my new favorite place to hang out. If you’re visiting the country, I definitively recommend a little trip there, it’ll make a good afternoon spent, especially if you’re with kids.

© Photography by Madison Kennedy