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Season 1, episode 10 – Despite Yourself

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I love Star Trek so much… dang it. I was impatiently waiting for a new episode of Discovery on Netflix, I hate when good shows like this one take breaks because I want to be able to keep binge watching forever. Unfortunately, this show is subjected to the same rules as the ones broadcasted on TV channels; I mean at least the impatience builts up the excitement for when there’s finally an episode released.

This is a “to be continued” type of episode, it’s gonna leave you on a cliffhanger but that’s not for the worse, because the storyline is so interesting that you’ll want the writers to explore it further, like in more sequels. Anyway, Captain Lorca has pushed Lieutenant Stamets over his limits, even though he was aware of his medical issues. Stamets main function was to be the ship’s spore drive, which means he was vital for the crew to make rapid jumps in space. But he’s unable to after making one too many, and he’s in a weird state, between talking giberrish to throwing punches. He also transported the ship by mistake, in an alternative universe where everyone’s stuck until they figure out another way to get back home.

So that’s where we’re at ! In this alternative universe, the Federation doesn’t exist as we know it. It’s governed by xenophobic Terrans under “The Empire” who rage war on Klingons, Vulcans and the Andorians that have formed an alliance against them. The USS Discovery crew is forced to transform the ship into a Starfleet ISS battle cruiser, and change their appearance as well so they can pretend they’re part of the Terrans, as no other species would help them. While all that is going on, Ash Tyler who’s going through some wild flashbacks, breaks the neck of Doctor Hugh Culber… I am so disgusted and disappointed that this happened.

Apparently, while Ash Tyler was held captive by the Klingons, they made modifications to his body & mind and he’s basically living as if he were two people at once ?! Which would totally explain why L’Rell is obsessed with him… he’s like half part Klingon now, and Stamets between his giberrish talks said he was the enemy on board. Oh la la, that does not quite sound good for whatever’s gonna happen next. We definitely can’t trust Tyler.

The crew managed to come up with an insane plan, where Captain Lorca becomes a bounty found by Michael Burnham, who wait for this : is the Captain of the ISS Shenzou. That’s how they get onto that ship from The Empire. I’m not sure what they’re looking for, but some type of information or assistance as to how to get out of this freakish universe they’re not from, before they’ve been made and all hope is lost for a getaway plan. & that’s how it ends ! We’re gonna have to wait for next week to know if they’re gonna make it or not.

RATING – 8/10 Great ! it’s a good idea for an episode, I’m anxious for what’s to come but can’t wait to find out.

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Bright | Netflix – review

Bright is definitively NOT the worst movie of 2017, far from that…

This is Netflix’s first blockbuster and despite all of the negative reviews you might have read so far, Bright is not a waste by any means. I watched it as soon as I got the notification for it, and I highly enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, the Orc and Scott Ward played by Will Smith were cracking a lot of jokes despite this alternate dark looking Los Angeles that is struggling with the coexistence of many species such as fairies and elves, orcs and of course humans.

This was a great action and adventure movie, that mixed real life elements with magic and I really digged it. As per usual, I do not understand the haters online who are criticizing something that’s supposed to be fun, a movie with Will freaking Smith, and perfectly in time for the Holiday season; most of us are at home enjoying time off, preparing for Christmas with family & friends, this is a cool new and original movie that we can play on TV without needing to leave our home sweet home. The more people criticize actually good things like this, the less we’ll get those.

Enough about my rant trying to advocate for a movie that I believe does not need it. The audience who’s gonna see it won’t hate it, critics just like bashing stuff but in the end their opinions means nothing if the public enjoys what they’re watching. They have a great soundtrack, the costumes and makeup looks awesome, and Tikka (one of the elves) is the cutest : totally got a crush on her. If you don’t want spoilers, now it’s time for you to stop reading because the next part of this post is the actual review.

The movie at the beginning is centered on the police department of LA, Will Smith and the Orc are representing the good non-corrupt cops while most of the others are borderline racists and thugs. While they go on a mission that ends up derailing completing, they find themselves with this Elf named Tikka and a magic wand… that wand has incredible properties and grants wishes, but it only works if you’re a special type of person called a “Bright” if not, it consumes you completely to death. So very powerful and dangerous, and seeked by many bad people.

Tikka asks for protection, she explains that she’s trying to get away from an evil elf called Leilah, from whom she stole the wand. Leilah is played by Noomi Rapace, and she’s part of the Inferni, their goal is to use the magic want to bring back the “Dark Lord” who is going to reign with terror. From there and then, Will Smith and the Orc are trying their best to save the world but everything keeps going sideways for them. It’s the opposite of boring, situations are happening one after the other and you can’t really take your eyes off the movie if you don’t want to miss it.

In the end as you can imagine, things finish for the better. We learn that Leilah was actually Tikka’s sister… the Orc & Will Smith become heroes and everyone is safe. I loved the fight scenes with the Inferni elves the most, Noomi Rapace is a badass ! I’m surely gonna re-watch it with my sister when she has a break, this is her type of thing, magic creatures and action with the LAPD, gangs and the Feds. Plus it’s based in LA, which is like home to us.

RATING – 8/10 GREAT Look, if you have Netflix and don’t watch this, it’s just silly. This is exactly why you pay your membership for, it’s so that Netflix can produce more and more originals like this. Honestly it’s entertaining, it’s something you want to watch with popcorn and a couple people while chilling in your living-room. I liked it and I don’t care if the critics are hating on it. Some people should really cool off and stop being so aggressive, for their own good.

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Stranger Things season 2 REVIEW (with spoilers)

Overall it was a great season, if you liked the first you’ll like this one

I’m not gonna do a review episode by episode, I finished binging the whole series today and I have a headache to prove it… it was good, I really had a fun time watching it and definitely thanks to Netflix for making an amazing season again. The retro-feels are there more than ever, I felt like you could sense the 80’s throughout every scene & there was a cool soundtrack that was totally nostalgic.

Eleven – El, goes off to her own path this season. She’s at first at a personal hideout of Chief Hopper’s kinda, in the woods. They seem to get along pretty well but she doesn’t like feeling imprisoned and misses her friends, especially Mike, and she’s basically been there for so long that an anger has built up in her and she explodes one night and has this big scary fight with Hopper. She decides to runaway the next morning, searching for her “mama” that she believed dead… and then she finds one of her lab-sisters in Chicago, who teaches her how to access more of her power. She finally goes back to Hawkins and joins the party, to save the world from an army of Demogorgons and the Shadow Monster.

The dynamic between the characters was switched up this season, they weren’t always together, pretty much split up into small groups or they were by themselves trying to save the situation the best way they saw fit. I really liked “Mad Max” the Maxine character, unfortunately she wasn’t really welcomed by the group and nobody seemed to care much about her / or her feelings, other than Lucas who was in love with her. They didn’t treat her the best, and up until the end of the show they still weren’t accepting her as one of their own even though she proved herself and helped as much as anyone else through it all, and that despite being rejected by them basically. That was like, the only bad vibe from Stranger Things this season. It actually bothered me so much that I’m gonna have to take one point down in my final rating.

This season was actually scary… okay, true that I get scared easily but in my honest opinion I found it way scarier than the first season. Which is good I guess… they made a whole deal about the Shadow Monster but in the end I felt like we almost didn’t see it in action. It was more about the creepy tunnels that thing made, spreading the Upside Down underground and reaching Hawkins all the way from the lab. It was also about the freaking army of Demo-dogs – the Demogorgons looked like rabbit dogs. I just wished the fight were between them and that huge Shadow Monster, facing them like face to face, which wasn’t the case. Hopefully, it will be for season 3.

There was a lot more going on this season, like many different storylines for every character which was the best thing. We could see the personal growth of each better, and it was interesting and got me more into the show because I could relate to some of them on some levels. Mostly Maxine though, because I’ve been / I am the outcast & rebel like she is, and was from a young age. I appreciated Steve Harrington’s character evolution, he showed bravery, acceptance and selflessness which was noticeable. He did a good job and I need to point it out ! Also Will, we barely saw him last season but here he got a huge part of the action, and was in the middle of everything and although it was difficult to pull out, he handled it so well.

Mike was totally weird because he didn’t have Eleven around, which is understandable, but he really made zero effort and was depressed and angry, what seemed like all the time. I have mixed up feelings about Dustin, on the one hand he’s totally an adorable dork, on the other he can be rude when he’s emotional and also he tried to make a Demogorgon his pet despite everyone telling him what a bad idea that was – I mean, that “friendship” was found to be useful at a crucial point, but still. Nancy, you know what… I still don’t like her. At all. This season she proved to be exactly what she was last, but worse. Her character just brushes me the wrong way and I don’t even want to get into that. The actress is gorgeous, but her character sucks.

Jonathan got what he wanted… which is Nancy. I’m happy for him, he’s a good guy even though he’s not very talkative and thus I still haven’t figured him out on the show. Joyce’ stress level throughout the whole series is up to no limit ! She was worried sick all the time, but I love Winona Ryder so much, she’s so beautiful, I couldn’t hate on her character’s crisis. Oh and Billy was a totall ass. By the way Lord of the Rings fans : Sam is in this season, he’s playing Bob and I was really sad when oops, he got eaten up my the Demo-dogs.

RATING – 8/10 GREAT It was a great season… despite how the writers managed some things. It’s a subjective review, so obviously it’s not gonna have a serious impact or anything. I would recommend you watch Stranger Things from the start if you’ve never seen it before, and if you have seen the first season, then what the heck are you waiting for ? Binge the second, you won’t regret it. It’s a cool trip down the retro 80’s and the sci-fi world. 

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BLADE RUNNER – Black Out 2022

Anime short film MUST WATCH before the new Blade Runner 2049 movie

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Harley Quinn and Batman #1 review

I love it ! I absolutely love this ! It feels so old school, back to the “Batman : The Animated Series” era, but comics style and it’s awesome. I had a blast reading this issue, which is so short that it left me wanting for much more… I want more stories with Batman & Harley, I want to see them in all kinds of situations, I want them to work together / against each other, I want it all !

Thank you DC Comics for bringing the old Harley back, with all the OG characters, it felt amazing to rekindle this style.

In this issue, Harley is with the Joker but she’s messed around with his toys and basically gave up their hideout location to the Bat, so that he could find and catch them; she planned that revenge plot to get back at Mistah J, because she’s jealous of the attention he gives to Batman. I’m not gonna tell you how it all goes down, but Poison Ivy appears at the end to save her BFF aka best friend.

RATING – 8/10 great ! Totally recommend, get this and have fun reading it.