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When you’re Chris Pratt but…

… your son wanted to be the other Chris for Halloween

Funny candid pictures, the boy chose to be Captain America !

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Liz Katz wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day !

A little bit in advance, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow… but check out these awesome Bob and Linda Belcher cosplays, from Bob’s Burgers. More on her website ! @LizKatz


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“It’s all about Science !” exclusive trailer

Our new series will debut soon ! here’s the trailer for the first episode 😃

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Dr Strange hired for a children’s birthday party

Watch this, it’s hilarious 😀

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Buffy panel with Nicholas Brendon

LBCC 2015

Flashback to Long Beach Comic Con last year, when my sister & I saw Xander in real life and were completely star stuck !

© Video by Madison Kennedy

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Scream Queens

New season starts September 20, 2016 on FOX14324372_1186533428086109_8084835170003528369_o

Big fan of this show, been waiting impatiently for season 2 to come out : five more days and my dark twisted wishes finally come true… I hope it’s going to be as silly, gory, creepy and funny as last season (if not more). The cast is amazing, the queen of horror Jamie Lee Curtis herself is back, but also the hilarious & handsome John Stamos gets a part. I can already tell from the trailers, it’s going to be awesome… five more days guys !!


Chanel Oberlin & Chanel #3 are my faves
Chanel Oberlin & Chanel #3 are my faves
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iZombie – Ravi & Liv

My favorite dialogue from Season 1

Liv : What the hell is Warlock Forest ?
Ravi : Have you been living under a crag ? Which is a large jagged rock in Warlock Forest. It’s an MMORPG. A multiplayer online role playing game.
Liv : Oh, is that one of those games where grown men pretend to be warrior gnomes and quest after magical knickknacks ?
Ravi : No. It’s one of those games where hard-working professionals can relax whilst performing virtual heroic acts that require creativity, tactical skills and teamwork, while saving the Moss Princess. It’s a billion-dollar industry. Some people even get paid loads of money to level up characters that can dominate in these games.
Liv : People make money playing video games ?
Ravi : Oh yeah, it’s a big business.