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Interview with Vampy Bit Me

Long Beach Comic Con ’15
ps. I’m not doing another interview without a proper mic… 😦

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Interview with cosplayer Amie Lynn

Comic Con Paris ’15
yes I know, I need a mic ! conventions get so loud 😦

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Comic Con Paris

Pictures taken at Comic Con in Paris last weekend

Photography by Madison KennedyUntitledlllL1200946-1L1210018-1L1200963-1L1210013-1 Continue reading “Comic Con Paris”

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Awesome cosplayers at Comic Con Paris

I spotted many beautiful cosplayers during the convention, and these ones were my faves; Lexi Farron Strife was there as Wonder Woman, there was also an amazing blue alien walking around, my beloved Harley Quinn, the intense Cersei from Game of Thrones, also so much more, like people wearing inspirational makeup 😀

Photography by Madison Kennedy

Lexi Farron Strife as Wonder WomanBlue alien at Comic Con ParisIMG_1638IMG_1642IMG_1643

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Amie Lynn at Comic Con Paris

Amie Lynn 😀 she’s super nice and makes great cosplays : I was so happy to meet her after following her work for a while on Facebook; to check her page : click here

Stay tuned because we also made a quick interview, to be published real soon ! She’s cosplaying Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy.

Photography by Madison Kennedy

Amie Lynn at Comic Con Paris

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Star Wars figurines at Comic Con Paris

Comic Con Paris day 1 here we go !!!

Hey guys 🙂 as you’ve guessed I’m attending the Comic Con in Paris right this moment : there is some awesome geeky stuff here, I’m going wild crazy & my wallet  is crying out loud but you know, it’s all worth it.

OMG the Star Wars figurines presented at the Delcourt Comics booth were amazing… I’m letting you check that out for yourselves 😀

Photography by Madison Kennedy

Comic Con Paris - Star WarsComic Con Paris - Star WarsComic Con Paris - Star WarsIMG_1636

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More Long Beach Comic Con cosplays

Photography by Madison KennedyCorpse BrideL1190589-1CatwomanYou're deadL1190611-1