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Cammy cosplay by Beke

From Street Fighter

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Galadriel cosplay by The Artful Dodger

From The Lord of the Rings

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Battle Bunny Riven cosplay by MiuMoonlight

From League of Legends 

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Reel Geek Girls

Binge this show !

Hello everyone ! Today I want to introduce you to one of my online friends that has this YouTube show called “Reel Geek Girls” and it’s such a great project and a cool idea, that I’m really glad to be sharing this with you guys 🙂

Originally I was asked to participate in an interview, but being on camera gives me so much anxiety that I prefer writing about the show instead. So, let’s just jump right into it. The concept of the series is to highlight geek women from any type of background, and give them another voice where they can express themselves by answering a couple questions and talk about their hobbies & what it’s like being a girl and a geek in a male dominant scene.

I totally support this, I mostly too highlight women in this magazine… as you’ve probably noticed : lots of cosplayers, but also the crew behind this mag is just two girls; myself and my sister Dakota.

Anyway, I think you should totally have a look and binge watch a couple episodes because they’re fun and entertaining and it’s nice to get to know those geek girls more personally, and hear them “geek out” about their favorite things & learn stuff along the way.

YouTube | Official Website | Twitter

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Lara Croft cosplay by Lili Dîn

From Tomb Raider : Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Daenerys Targaryen cosplay by Lily on the Moon

From Game of Thrones

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Jyn Erso cosplay by Starbit

From Star Wars’ Rogue One movie