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Supergirl Season 3 Premiere review

Girl of Steel
aka Supergirl darkness

This review not only contains spoilers, but is probably completely biased as this show has become my favorite since it first aired two years ago. I have been dying of excitement for the Season 3 Premiere, I was finally able to watch it today and it did not disappoint me at all as a “Superfan”. So you guys have been warned, brace yourself for my review and by the way, I just love Kara’s new highlights !

The episode starts with Supergirl’s focus on Mon-El, and we can clearly see that she is heartbroken and is experiencing a time of grief which translates for darkness in Kara Danver’s world. But she’s decided to give her whole full warrior-badass potential into being the best superhero National City could ever hope for… unfortunately, that means that she is ignoring her “human” side, and life as Kara, becoming more Kryptonian on screen than ever before.

The new villain we are being offered is quite the manipulative and megalomaniac business type of guy. We don’t really know what all of his angles are from this first episode, but they’re clearly up to no good since he hired some guy to cloak a freaking nuke so that no one at the DEO, not even Supergirl, could see it coming when they would launch it to destroy the city; and they did all that during the inauguration of the Girl of Steel statue.

Supergirl showed a tremendous force of character during this whole situation, she almost died drowned but she managed to “wake up” figuratively and literally, and saved National City once more, by pulling with her Herculean strength a whole submarine from underwater. It was quite impressive, and I just thought to myself at that moment : that poor girl, all the things she’s been put through as a hero and person, and she’s always come through despite the harsh situations she’s had to experience. She deserves happiness, so I hope the writers will give her back some love by bringing back Mon-El into her life.

The mention of the biggest and gayest wedding to come, between Alex and Maggie who look adorable together, was one of those cool moments in this episode. Like Lena Luthor buying out CatCo and wanting to work there with her bestie Kara, and the touching moment between Alex and J’onn when she asked him to walk her down the aisle.

By the end of the episode, Supergirl was kind of back to herself, allowing her humanity to take over by trying to pursue what makes her whole. I don’t know if she’s gonna be able to leave all that darkness behind, but I am intrigued about this new character we’ve been shown, the future Reign… and this thing, that was uncovered in the waters.

RATING – 8.5/10 AWESOME ! I enjoyed this premiere so much, I am emotionally invested in this show and I found the beginning of the third season great and up to my wishes. I think it’s going to be an interesting season…


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Lucifer “A Good Day to Die”

A very emotional episode 


This review contains spoilers

This was the mid-season finale, and I felt the emotional charge of the episode all the way into my guts. It really was beautiful, and intense but also sad. The ending was almost unexpected… all the actors played their part incredibly well, and they were brought together like teammates over a worthwhile cause.

Chloe got poisoned from her encounter with Carlisle, which got Lucifer totally freaked out. She’s basically his beloved, even though their romantic relationship hasn’t been able to start and become more serious between them. She means so much to him, that he even killed his brother Uriel in a previous episode, to save her. He also made a pact with his father God, to keep her alive (a pact he ended up not following through).

Besides Lucifer, everyone (except his mother) likes Chloe. When asked by Lucifer for help to save her, Amenadiel said that she didn’t deserve to die, and everyone else agreed and decided to join forces so that she wouldn’t pass.

Lucifer’s plan was to find out the antidote, but that required ingredients and a formula. The ingredients, despite being hard to come by and rare, could be taken care of by Chloe’s ex Dan, who is a cop and his coworker Ella, the forensics scientist who has a tumultuous and delinquent past. She has illegal contacts who could help her get her hands on some of the ingredients needed.

Getting the formula was another story though, much more complicated… since Carlisle killed himself, and no one else knew it, Lucifer decided to go to Hell find him and ask for it. Problem is, he has to die to be able to go back there and if he isn’t revived in time, he could actually be stuck in his own Hell forever.

That was a crazy choice to make, but with the help of everyone, including his mom ! He did it. The stroll back to Hell wasn’t a pleasant one… there were ashes falling and darkness all around. Lucifer found his way to Carlisle though, who was stuck for eternity in a hell of his own making, his guilt from the horrible actions he committed while alive figuratively eating him out.

He managed to get the formula pretty easily, and left Carlisle to his tortures, but got himself stuck in a room with his brother Uriel, killing him again and again… without the ability to stop himself from doing it. That’s when his mom appeared; they knew something was wrong when they couldn’t revive him, so she went to free him. In the process, she wouldn’t leave because she was reunited with Uriel but Lucifer pulled her out.

Amenadiel was impressive in this episode, he behaved like a guardian angel, he didn’t flinch from his position in Chloe’s room to protect her, despite being attacked by more than a couple security guards. Maze and Linda revived both Lucifer and his mom, and they saved Chloe. All seemed to end well ? but it didn’t !

Lucifer was really mad and upset at his mother for manipulating him to get to his father God, and thought even the fact she went back to Hell to save him was too little, too late. He left without a word, and disappeared, leaving Chloe heartbroken at the discovery.


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Powerless “Wayne or Lose”

Comments on the first episode


Spoilers incoming !

I was really excited about this new series from DC Comics, it’s their first sitcom and it looked funny from the trailer, so I was impatient to see how they would play it out. It was good but short, only 30 minutes to introduce all the characters and the storyline of this new show but it was nice, and it definitely made me went to see more of it !

I also have to add that I love Vanessa Hudgens, and it was nice that they picked her to play the main part, totally got me more into it. I liked that they mentioned Bruce Wayne, and that we got his crazy-ass cousin Van who is not looking out for the best interest of the company, but his personal agenda…

So, the company in itself is like a factory where they’re supposed come up with ideas and build cool gadgets to help people who don’t have any superhero abilities, to basically get through their days better. It’s situated in Charm City, and apparently they have lots of incidents and it would be useful to prevent some of them.

But by the end of the episode, we hear that Batman used one of the latest gadget they came up with, and engineered it to his needs and used it purposefully to catch a villain… I have a feeling, this Wayne company is very much going to produce many things the Bat is going to use in the future episodes; that’s pretty neat !

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Meeting awesome actors at Paris Comic Con

Paris Comic Con circa 2016

This year it was incredible ! I met some of my favorite actors & I was definitely starstruck… seeing them in real life was something 😀 They were all super nice, and entertaining during the panels, it was such a blast.

By the way yes, I’m in the red circle you will notice in the pictures 🙂

First panel of the day was with Eliza Dushku that I couldn’t believe I was seeing in front of me, with my own two eyes. She played Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, & not many know this but that is my favorite TV series of all time. I idolize everything in the Buffyverse, I was so excited for this panel, it was unbelievable ! I was in geek heaven.


Second panel in the company of the freaking awesome Mike Colter aka LUKE CAGE !! Ah… haven’t expressed my love for this new Marvel show on the mag yet, but I will, because I absolutely loved it. This guy has such a deep and strong voice, and he does look impressive when you see him just like that, but he was so charming & friendly, he tried to shake as many hands he could when they told him it was time to exit the panel.


Last panel of the day was dedicated to the most popular show of our time, I’m naming Game of Thrones. Carice van Houten who portrays Melisandre the priestess, nicknamed “The Red Woman” was there. The Comic Con was honored she attended, since she gave birth to her first child in late August of this year, and offered her a children’s songbook of famous french songs. Unfortunately her mouth remained zip-tied when the audience asked for a couple spoilers on the next season, which will be the 7th.

The only thing we got out of our pressing questions, is that William Simpson who is a comic artist that draws the storyboards for Game of Thrones, already knows what’s going to happen in season 7 UP ‘TILL THE VERY END OF IT !! So… if you want to harass someone for spoilers, it’s him ! Let me tell you that our mind just blew away when he admitted that on the panel, I was like “gosh, why… !!! I need answers !!”

That was on Friday 21st October, and as you can tell, my day was full of amazing surprises and just perfect. This was the best Comic Con they made in France, and I’ve been to many, so congratulation to the squad who took care of all things.

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Buffy panel with Nicholas Brendon

LBCC 2015

Flashback to Long Beach Comic Con last year, when my sister & I saw Xander in real life and were completely star stuck !

© Video by Madison Kennedy

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Scream Queens

New season starts September 20, 2016 on FOX14324372_1186533428086109_8084835170003528369_o

Big fan of this show, been waiting impatiently for season 2 to come out : five more days and my dark twisted wishes finally come true… I hope it’s going to be as silly, gory, creepy and funny as last season (if not more). The cast is amazing, the queen of horror Jamie Lee Curtis herself is back, but also the hilarious & handsome John Stamos gets a part. I can already tell from the trailers, it’s going to be awesome… five more days guys !!


Chanel Oberlin & Chanel #3 are my faves
Chanel Oberlin & Chanel #3 are my faves
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Luke Cage exclusive new scene

Holy sh*t ! this series is going to be awesome to watch 😀