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From the 1st to the 20th August (included) 

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First day of Comic-Con : the trailers you don’t want to miss

New trailer out for the highly anticipated Marvel series, showing Medusa’s hair in action…

Kingsman, The Golden Circle
The British secret service has to band with their American counterpart to battle a supervillain, with lots of action and comedy.

A Netflix original, starring Will Smith. In a world where humans, fairies and other mystical creatures are cohabiting : a big threat arises.

Pacific Rim, Uprising
An awesome teaser trailer has been shown during San Diego Comic-Con, starring John Boyega.

Stargate Origins
I am so excited about this upcoming show, this teaser set in the 1920’s in Egypt looks freaking good.

I am definitely watching this new SYFY series from DC Comics, it is a prequel to Superman set before his home planet was destroyed.

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It’s that time of the year… San Diego Comic-Con !

Supergirl on the cover, starring the amazing Melissa Menoist – my fave DC Comics TV show !

We’re not at SDCC but we’re still super excited about everything that will be going on there, and all the geek news happening; for that reason we will be reporting on the highlights of the convention and share our favorite stories 🤓 Stay tuned !

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From the 22th June to 16th July (included) 

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From the 6th to 12th June (included) 

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Reel Geek Girls

Binge this show !

Hello everyone ! Today I want to introduce you to one of my online friends that has this YouTube show called “Reel Geek Girls” and it’s such a great project and a cool idea, that I’m really glad to be sharing this with you guys 🙂

Originally I was asked to participate in an interview, but being on camera gives me so much anxiety that I prefer writing about the show instead. So, let’s just jump right into it. The concept of the series is to highlight geek women from any type of background, and give them another voice where they can express themselves by answering a couple questions and talk about their hobbies & what it’s like being a girl and a geek in a male dominant scene.

I totally support this, I mostly too highlight women in this magazine… as you’ve probably noticed : lots of cosplayers, but also the crew behind this mag is just two girls; myself and my sister Dakota.

Anyway, I think you should totally have a look and binge watch a couple episodes because they’re fun and entertaining and it’s nice to get to know those geek girls more personally, and hear them “geek out” about their favorite things & learn stuff along the way.

YouTube | Official Website | Twitter

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There’s been 20 days since…

… the last time I posted something here ! 😦

I’m sorry, I lied !… but it wasn’t intentional ! Look guys, I truly thought when I came back from my “break” I would have time to manage everything but instead, I was overwhelmed because I started new projects right away since my schedule was lighter, and in the end it ended up being worse than my previous schedule… more packed & busy.

I am truly so sorry, I know I’m repeating myself but I hate not keeping up with my geek hobbies and this magazine is on top of all for me. It’s been actually hard being away from it, and not posting. I decided no more excuses : unfortunately it seems like I can’t get my schedule in order (ever) so I will just have to find time for this. If something makes you happy, then you gotta find a way to do it.

I would post something right now, besides this news, but I have to go… I’m doing a photoshoot in a bit, with my favorite model aka muse – by the way, you can check my photography work on my blog : – I will schedule some cool stuff later, to keep you all updated with geek awesomeness & I plan on dying my hair pink or completely blonde in a couple days only, so after that I’m gonna make videos for the mag like reviews, or commentaries on comics and movies etc. It’s gonna be fun !

See you later ! Thanks for being a faithful audience, I see you haven’t
dropped checking on updates from my stats so that’s great 🙂 xoxox