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Harley Quinn and Batman #1 review

I love it ! I absolutely love this ! It feels so old school, back to the “Batman : The Animated Series” era, but comics style and it’s awesome. I had a blast reading this issue, which is so short that it left me wanting for much more… I want more stories with Batman & Harley, I want to see them in all kinds of situations, I want them to work together / against each other, I want it all !

Thank you DC Comics for bringing the old Harley back, with all the OG characters, it felt amazing to rekindle this style.

In this issue, Harley is with the Joker but she’s messed around with his toys and basically gave up their hideout location to the Bat, so that he could find and catch them; she planned that revenge plot to get back at Mistah J, because she’s jealous of the attention he gives to Batman. I’m not gonna tell you how it all goes down, but Poison Ivy appears at the end to save her BFF aka best friend.

RATING – 8/10 great ! Totally recommend, get this and have fun reading it.

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Injustice 2 (2017 – )

Review from Chapter 1 through 7

I read a lot of comics every week, and so I’ve decided that I’m going to try and review some of them for you guys but unfortunately since I’m busy I can’t write full pieces. This is just to share a couple thoughts and I will also rate my reading experience, to give you an idea of my overall satisfaction, but that will be totally subjective. Let’s start !

This comic was created by DC Comics as a prequel to their video game “Injustice 2” – I am not playing it, but I might in the future… that was not the reason why I wanted to read it though, I just love when they bring a bunch of superheroes & villains together that’s why I was really into this storyline.


It’s pretty badass, there’s two Batman fighting against each other. The evil Batman has red eyes and is controlling the Suicide Squad, including Harley Quinn who’s absolutely not feeling it especially because now she’s like best buddy with the real Batman. The person who’s behind all this evil Batman / Suicide Squad madness is no other than Ra’s al Ghul.

After the Metropolis incident that was orchestrated by the Joker & Harley Quinn, Superman has been locked up and obviously, he wants out but the real Batman is not letting him because he went off-track after he lost Lois and his child. Speaking of kids, we find out the real Batman has a daughter and so does Harley Quinn; not together though 😛

I was really captivated but I got to the last chapter, and I hope there will be more coming. The art is freaking amazing, I love how they drew Harley and it was enjoyable to see all these characters “together”.

RATING 7/10 NICE I recommend reading this if you want to play the game, but also it has an interesting storyline and my fave characters in it 🙂 so really, it’s for any DC Comics fan.

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Comics – 1978’s Star Wars Weekly UK

Blast from the past…

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Wonder Woman #21 cover

Love this cover from DC Comics

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Harley Quinn “Joker loves Harley”

The Joker is finally getting some !

Two variant covers

This post contains spoilers

I haven’t been reading as much comics as I used to because of my busy schedule, but Harley Quinn being my favorite DC Comics female character, I had to pick up the latest issue and see what’s going on : the cover had me really intrigued !

The Joker’s on it… I could tell there was going to be some sort of trouble; it almost felt like reading a gossip column : those two broke up a while back and since then they’re not really holding each other for dear.

But boy, was I not ready for what was about to happen. Turns out, it wasn’t the Joker at all, just some guy from Arkham Asylum who fell in love with miss Quinzel. He underwent plastic surgery, and copied the real OG Joker from his mannerism to the way he talks, for sole purpose to seduce Harley and make her believe he was the real deal.

She wasn’t duped, she figured it out and went nuts on the dude ! Clearly upset for being played, she tortured him for treating this like a game, and at the end, even pulled the trigger on him. She exited looking unhappy with the turn of events, while her friends cleaned up the mess.

I thought it was an awesome issue ! I enjoyed the psycho-story.




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The Trinity

Snickers & DC debuted a new comic at New York Comic Con, featuring Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman : the trinity !img_8465

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New Suicide Squad

Cover by Jim Lee14241689_10154524354127855_7749688328199691437_oHarley Quinn looks badass ! So ready to read this one !