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GEEKLAND magazine, issue 13

Fairy cosplay by Maid of Might


I haven’t been on here in a couple of months… since April to be more precise.
There’s been some recent big changes in my life so I needed to put all kind of things aside : but all that time being away from blogging about my geek hobbies made me realize how much I missed it, and how unhappy it made me not being able to geek out like I used to.

I have a part time job as a technician now, and that takes a lot of my time. I also met someone who doesn’t like this “regressive” world I am part of, who doesn’t understand it. Since I cannot share this side of myself, I tried to forget it and move onto becoming someone else. Someone who wasn’t a geek… the result is that I can’t do that.

I am who I am.

For the moment being I decided to keep this to myself but I gotta pursue my hobbies, because they make me truly happy. I feel like everyone is entitled to love what & whom they love, and it’s sad that some have to hide it but unfortunately this is the kind of world we are living in.

Just the fact that I am writing these lines I already feel better. My purpose is simply to connect with people who share my hobbies and can understand them. The purpose of this blog (magazine) was to allow me to meet new friends, cosplayers, celebrities I admire even and attend conventions. That’s the big dream for me, being invited to comic con as press and interview all these folks.

I am opening the comment section so that if you feel like writing to me, or just post your thoughts you can ! This month is incredible in terms of conventions, I already attended the Japan Expo in Paris which was incredible and I’m going to the London Film & Comic Con the last week of July, I am so damn excited ! Two cons I had never been before.

Let’s all have fun and geek the freak out 🙂

XO Madison Kennedy


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