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The ending is confusing

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This is an all-girl movie, which is totally badass. The main characters are five strong, cool, smart and beautiful women; I’m totally digging that !

Natalie Portman is one the best actresses in the world, and she held her role like the pro she is. She made the storyline more captivating, the way she acts makes me really care about what’s happening on screen… and the movie definitely needed that since it’s not even shown in HD on Netflix. It’s a low blow for sci-fi fans, and everyone else who was expecting this movie for a while. Go figure why Netflix decided to screw us like that. The visuals could have been amazing if they were in good quality.

It’s a really weird plot. There’s this thing they call “The Shimmer” that’s obviously from alien origin since it crashed on Earth. It started to grow from the crash point & on, and turning everything on its way, transforming it… spreading like cancer cells. These women are trying to figure out what’s going on, they’re kind of the last hope because everyone else who went into “The Shimmer” perimenter never came back.

As the movie goes on we figure that things are mutating, but not only things, humans are mutating as well… and animals and plants, everything that has DNA has been modified. We never truly understand why, that thing that crashed on Earth and is doing all of that isn’t expressing what they want. That’s why the ending came to be so confusing, because it survived taking human form and it still gave no answers, but hugged Natalie Portman while both their eyes started glowing – totally creepy.

The Universe might be beautiful and fascinating, but there’s a reason why it also inspires us with terror, because it’s dangerous.

RATING – 7.5/10 Great ! Would have enjoyed this movie a lot better if it were in HD, thus why I had to take off some points in the final grade because it was literal torture to see a movie of this caliber produced by Netflix but shown in crap quality on their freaking platform… I don’t get why they would do something like that, but it’s detrimental to the movie experience for sure.

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