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TOMB RAIDER – mini review

Lara Croft’s origin story

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I was expecting this movie for a while, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so good… it’s literally the best action video-game movie of the year & I know 2018 barely started, but I’m telling you this is it ! I had so much fun watching it you don’t understand : it was a total blast. I loved the storyline which mixed some Indiana Jones & Assassin’s Creed bits with an amazing superheroine played by the beautiful and talented Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander, who is a more relatable Lara Croft. Her acting is raw, focused, in character, she’s the real deal, she’s Lara !

This is her origin story, how everything started for her and it really caught my attention and made me want to play the games. I thought it was really cute the whole father-daughter relationship, and how Lara never gave up on her father who disappeared seven years ago and found the bravery to go look for him on a creepy, scary, almost impossible to get-to island off the coast of Japan. After managing that she discovered that she’d gotten herself into quite a mess with a dangerous organization going by the name of “Trinity”.

They’re trying to get to “Himiko” a mythical queen said to have the power of death… Lara and her father are doing everything they can to keep the Trinity from getting there and using her powers for destruction purposes. Trinity’s motives are evil, they want to unleash genocide upon the world.

RATING – 9/10 Amazing ! I’m going back to the movie theater this week just to watch it again… I mean, this deserves a second screening, it was visually and action-wise so satisfying. If for whatever reason you’ve decided to boycott seeing it on a big screen, which is the ideal condition for a movie of this caliber, then trust my word for it and go see it anyways, you will not regret how good it is.

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