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GEEKLAND magazine, issue 12

The Bride cosplay from the movie Kill Bill, by Genevieve Marie


Hello everyone !

I want to apologize for not being able to keep up with my crazy schedule from last month but as it turns out, it was totally unrealistic… I had good intentions, but real life reminded me that sometimes I can’t do everything that I want to, no matter how much I try. I’ve had to make big changes, thus why the magazine was on a two-weeks break.

There’s a couple good news though, first being that I’ve managed pretty well to schedule things up over the weekend for the week to come. Which means you’re not missing on any updates & getting them on time. Second cool thing is that I’ve finished linking all the websites together so you can browse through and check our social medias.

Third, I’ve had to tone down my expectations on what I can & cannot do so the new schedule I’m following right now is much lighter and easier for me to keep up with. I’ve had to give up major stuff I wished doing, but in the end it’s all for the better because from now on not only is it going to be more structured, but also I can have a life and breathe outside of work !

Have fun for the remaining weeks of March and I’ll see y’all on the daily’

xoxox, Madison Kennedy


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