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Maze Runner: The Death Cure – REVIEW


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I haven’t read any critics about this movie because I just don’t care about negative feedback anymore, especially if I really enjoyed something (which is the case here) I don’t want to ruin my mood by checking what someone is bashing about it. I feel like this sequel was a lot better than the second one, which is The Scorch Trials; I saw it at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles in D-Box and that was really cool since the seats were moving along the movie, but The Death Cure had much more to the storyline and the action scenes were filled with emotional distress from everyone. I connected to the characters like I was somehow looking at a real event in our future history.

Pretty cool I’d say, it was well made. I love how it was filmed, and there was enough screen time for every main character. I like the Maze Runner series, so obviously I was totally upset about the death of Newt and Teresa… I know some of you might be wondering, but why be upset about Teresa’s death ? wasn’t she a “traitor” ? I mean yes, she did completely betray them and the results of that action were awful afterwards, but I kinda understood why she did that. She thought she made the right choice, because in the end all she wanted to achieve was save the world, and everyone in it. She thought that all of the bad she was doing would be worth it, or somehow justified, if she managed to find a cure.

Unfortunately, if you’ve seen the movie you remember that she died quite horribly. After finally having the breakthrough she needed, her hopes were destroyed because the entire place they were at, the Last City was falling apart. After a tragic goodbye kiss to Thomas she fell to her death. But not before doing everything she could to help him out of there, and get him the cure so he could maybe pursue were she didn’t get enough time and failed. Thomas was in love with her, and seeing her dying definitively marked him forever. He will always carry that painful memory.

I liked Newt so much, it was so unfair that he wasn’t immune and had to die like this… he got the Flare, the virus and he turned and attacked Thomas who was trying his best to defend himself without killing him, but a knife through Newt’s heart is how it ended. I think everyone felt powerless and defeated then. They wanted to get him the cure but it was too late. Someone kind of ressurected from the death, and that was Alby. He was in the first movie, Minho thought he killed him by throwing a spear through him… plus Alby got the Flare, turns out he was immune and he was still alive when they left him to die. Apparently a bunch of people found him, picked him up and patched him back, and then he found his way back to Thomas & his clique in this last movie. Helping each other this time, instead of fighting over plans of actions like they did when they were all stuck in the maze.

They managed to save all the immunes in a freaking crazy master plan move, and get out of the Last City on time to take a boat off the continent. They got to what appeared to be an island, their new safe haven, but I could tell from Thomas eyes at the end of the movie, what he really wanted was to carry on what Teresa hoped to do. Which is to go back to the continent and make larger doses of the sample of the cure she gave him, and distribute it to all the infected. Thomas also like Teresa, wants to save everyone. I doubt they’ll make a sequel, but it would been nice and at the same time if they could revive Teresa because that was one of the worst death I’ve seen.

RATING – 8.5/10 Awesome ! I enjoyed this sequel from beginning to end, and I want to watch it again because it was so good ! It was to my liking, it interested me, it pulled my emotional strings and the action was on point.

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