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STAR TREK Discovery Finale – REVIEW

Are we finally going to see what happened on the USS Enterprise ?

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“Oh My !” like would George Takei say… the ending of the last episode of the first season of Star Trek Discovery, was absolutely intense ! I was this close to drop tears : in a split second it was starting to feel really emotional.

If you’ve watched the Star Trek reboot movies, then you know that Kirk’s dad was the commander of the USS Enterprise when something bad happened and they had to send a distress signal that was intercepted by the USS Discovery on their way to Vulcan. I’m not sure what went down, but we all are aware it’s commemorated as a tragic incident… so maybe in season 2 we will get to see that ? Fingers crossed !

To go back to the episode itself, it was a wild ride. It was full of action and there was kind of unexpected moments, so that was cool. I love being surprised with where the storyline is heading.

Captain Georgiou is taking command, but she’s from an alternate universe where “Terrans” are roughless, untrustworthy and violent. They play on fear, and thrive from that. Which makes pretty much everyone uncomfortable because it isn’t The Federation ways. They call up to her help anyway since the situation is critical, they are afraid the Klingons are going to attack and destroy Earth – which is The Federation’s homeworld.

Captain Georgiou makes out a plan that she doesn’t disclose entirely to Burnham, Tilly, and Tyler who are accompanying her on the Klingons homeworld thinking she isn’t seeking out total obliteration of Qo’noS but are quickly deceived when they find out that she was. Then Burnham takes command off her, and decides to save both worlds by coming up with an insane plan involving convinving L’Rell (a Klingon they held captive on the USS Discovery) of their good intentions and somehow she manages to do that, with great timing and self-control.

I’m really shortening things right now, but I promise the development of the series and this particular episode was quite spectacular. All ends well, Burnham gets a pardon for her astounding services, Georgiou escapes for her freedom, L’Rell and Tyler stray away together to work on the unification of the Klingons, the other crew members are all thanked and get medals of honor.

RATING – 8.5/10 Awesome ! damn this had become one of my favorite shows to watch, I am so bummed it’s already done for this year… you should totally binge it on Netflix, the visuals are incredible and it’s so well thought and the costumes, makeup and everything are totally amazing.

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