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Supergirl #16 – REVIEW

Special cover by Artgerm aka Stanley Lau

Honestly I bought this comic for the cover… I instantly regonized Artgerm’s artwork and I needed to have it ! I’m a huge Supergirl fan though, of the CW TV Series… I haven’t really read much of her in comic book form, but the storyline caught me in and now I guess I’m gonna keep reading the next issues.

I don’t have a lot of background to the story that was presented in this issue, it’s the 16th and from what I’ve gathered the DEO is after Supergirl – totally different from the TV Show where Supergirl & the DEO are like pals and working together. There’s this real creepy “guy” called Bones that’s organizing a massive take down plan, and using people with powers to stop or kill Supergirl. I have no clue what his personal vendatta is with her, but I hate him already.

Supergirl’s alter ego, Kara Danvers, looks wildly different in this comic book series. Not only does she wear the usual glasses, but she has brown hair ! She’s a total brunette, it’s so strange. I’m not sure if it’s a wig or what, but I’m still digging the whole “human” look the pencillers are going for. There’s two villains in this story, first one is Sharon Vance but from what I’ve read so far, she doesn’t seem to be an actual villain, she was conditioned by Bones to act badly but in reality she’s kind of on Supergirl’s side.

Whereas the other villain, Deceilia who’s a crazy maniac killer only wants to cause mayhem and murder as many people as she possibly can… they kind of cut the flow right when Supergirl was about to confront her, so I won’t know what happens until next month. I’m totally curious & gonna be on the lookout for #17.

RATING – 7/10 Nice ! Well here’s my problem with monthly issues, is that I have to wait an entire month until I can read the rest of the story ! It’s suspensful sure, which can be good if you aren’t impatient like I am. I think it’s a fun series to start if you’re into Supergirl, and the cover is honestly freaking amazing.

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