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I’ve been slacking…

Little update from me 🙂

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been super consistent with my posting lately… even though I promised I would in my last editorial. I mean, I did post twice a day like I usually do so you didn’t miss on those updates. It’s just that I kinda made a schedule for myself, and I wanted to write at least three reviews per week and I haven’t managed to do that yet, so that’s annoying.

There is actually a reason for why I’ve been “slacking off” : tomorrow is Monday, and it’s also my first day of training… it’s like an educational program about tech stuff that I’m gonna be attending. Obviously because I’ve got some anxiety, it’s been stressing me out so I wasn’t in the mood for whatever else.

But what I’m gonna do, is make public right now my kinda schedule so that it will motivate me to follow up since you guys will have expectations from it.

Two weeks from now I really want to write those 3-reviews, it’ll help me make time for writing and practice at it. On top of the reviews I want to do makeup cosplay on me ! and share it here of course 😀 but that will be for next month, as I will be super busy in February.

Voila ! have a great day fellow geeks.

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