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GEEKLAND magazine, issue 11

Samus from the game Metroid, cosplay by Hendo Art


Our second cover of the year looks bomb as hell ! I’m so happy I’m keeping up my good resolutions so far for this year. I have been more personally involved last month, I wrote some reviews, I shared more sciency stuff but I have much more planned for the months to come… I’m just taking my time because I want to integrate this new schedule to my routine, and it’s been really challenging so far. I know I can do better, and I will, but honestly I live a very hectic life it’s not always that simple when you’re a total control-freak like me, who’s managing everything by herself.

I started to share fun artworks, and selfies to our Instagram and then it hit me; I should totally share them here as well. Also I must admit I’ve been pretty lousy at scheduling content, so you usually get things later than when I was hoping to post them. You still get everything I’ve meant to put out there, but starting this month I’m gonna be super serious about this scheduling thing so it can at least ease my mind and help for a better functioning of the mag, by connecting on time with y’all.

Two kinda cool surprises to come – first is by the end of the week I’m gonna be linking all our websites together, they will be updated so that you can follow us on our other platforms. Second, is that I’m gonna start this makeup cosplaying thing, I just think it’s awesome and I want to play around and I guess it will amuse me. That’s it for our editorial of the month ! Enjoy my geekiness and stay with us for all the amazing things we’re gonna explore together 🙂

xoxox, Madison Kennedy


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