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Becoming Jessica Nigri

Talk about the documentary

I watched this new documentary from Rooster Teeth last night, and it was so good ! I like Jessica Nigri a lot… and it’s noticeable if you’ve been hanging out on this mag often. I’ve met her at conventions a couple times, and she was always just so nice, caring and fun to everyone. She has this absolutely amazing aura around her, and I’ve wanted for a long time to see a docu-movie about her background, what shaped her into becoming who she is today, how she was pulled to the crafts of cosplay and how she manages this interesting and wild life we can sometimes catch online.

I was really pleased with this documentary as it answered everything and more that I was curious about. It was also so well-made and edited, that you should totally check it out because it’s obvious that the people who worked on this really gave a lot of themselves to achieve these awesome results. This isn’t a review, it’s just a little talk from me to you, to say that it was incredible and I think Jessica Nigri is an amazing human being & I like her even more now and hope I get to meet her again in the future !

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