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Black Mirror – Season 4 RATED

My ratings are completely biased & subjective to my own taste


This was in my opinion, the best episode ever of Black Mirror… I’m not the only one to have thought so, people went wild online asking for a spinoff; I mean it was such an awesome episode that obviously we’d want a series made from it. Like, please Netflix : make it happen ! It’s Star Trek related, vintage style which makes it even cooler, the scenario is crazy. There’s this dude who’s made a game in which he can put people inside after extracting their DNA, and when he does that these people are like actually conscious in there, encoded to feel like they’re really inside.

Mind blowing ! But that alternative reality / world has many downs, and they’re trying to escape it and when they do (SPOILER ALERT) they find out that they’re in this wider online game, and being finally free they can live as if they were in the Star Trek series, and go wherever they want – can you even imagine how amazing it would be if you were part of a Federation crew on a ship in space, and could follow your dreams ?! WE WANT MORE !!

RATING – 10/10 Perfection !


I didn’t like this episode… it was not my cup of tea, at all. I don’t want to be mean, and I can’t write a bad review about something because I understand and can guess how much hard work is put in every creative conception. So, I can tell you that it’s well directed, the actors are really good, the storyline is interesting. The problem for me was mostly related to the ending, and I’ve said this many times before, but if an ending isn’t up to my expectations then I’m not gonna like the whole thing. Just because the ending is the most important part for me, so if that’s kinda screwed up then it’s a no-go.

I also feel like they didn’t exploit the huge possibilities this could have led to. I guess that was a choice, but yeah… they’re injecting inside the brain of children some type of device or something, that allows the parents to control them basically via a tablet… see where I’m going with this. Well unfortunately, don’t let your imaginations run wild because what they’ve done is almost basic. It’s the teenage girl rebellion archetype drama, and runaway vision, that’s usually exploited without the need of a sci-fi aspect in teen angst movies or TV shows.

RATING – 5/10 meh… wouldn’t say it’s necessary to watch. You can skip that one.


I usually like anything related to psychopaths, but not so much this, because the main character isn’t actually the serial killer type, it’s circumstancial. So there’s this lady & her boyfriend, and they run over a guy, leave him for dead after throwing him off a cliff and into a river (or the sea, not sure it’s Iceland). They make this pact of going on with their lives and hiding this from the authority, to avoid jail-time. A couple years later, the guy still feels guilty and wants to come clean to the police about the murder, but the lady who’s made herself a quite comfortable life without him, can’t fathom losing all that.

She goes on a killing spree from that moment onward. She kills him first to preserve the secret, but some things happen afterwards and she’s made by someone, who she decides she has to kill as well. She’s kinda losing her mind and goes to the house of that victim to kill her family too, just because they were potential witnesses. Yeah, that’s basically it… at some point the police figures it out because it’s the future and they have these cool-ass Blade Runner type of machines to read memories, from humans & animals alike. That’s how it ends.

RATING – 5.5/10 okay… not as bad as Arkangel, but I would have given it a pass.


I don’t know… I’m not the romance type of gal, I’m so not into love stories. I can watch but I rarely enjoy. That being said, this episode wasn’t boring to my surprise. I kind of liked it. It wasn’t transcendental but it was cute and fun at times. I feel like you get it from the beginning, that this is not the real world. That it’s some type of alternative reality, or game or whatever. It’s just too odd to be “the future” or else. So actually it’s an app that measures people’s compatibility and provides them with a score.

To match them together, the algorithm goes through all kinds of scenarios that these encoded people are living with each other. I don’t have much to say about this, because it’s just a love thing. What’s cool it’s that it’s mixed with technology, and that this weird-ass alternative thing is super excentric in some ways. If you’re into couples and such, you probably won’t hate it.

RATING – 6/10 cool !


A black and white episode ? I already love the concept. The episode’s biggest flaw was that there’s absolutely zero context. You’ll guess that it’s a post-apocalyptic world, but there’s no clue on what happened and how it got to this. The storyline is not focusing on that, and actually the storyline is pretty shit… so apparently it’s dangerous to go out in the world, for any reason at all, and there’s a group of three people who decide to put their lives in jeopardy just to find a teddy bear for a little kiddo who’s dying from cancer.

Quite touching, but really ? You’re gonna risk your life for a toy ? Sounds quite fetched. Apart from that, the visuals are freaking awesome. I love black and white, and what I love more is when directors decide to make something in B&W just like they did for the movie Logan (which was incredible, better than in color). I like how harsh the world seems in this episode, and lonesome and wild with these insane killer robot dogs roaming everywhere. It’s totally my thing, but they could have made it longer and given it a context.

RATING – 7/10 Nice !


This came close to being the best episode this season, and is definitely in the top 3 or 5 of “the best episodes of Black Mirror” – haven’t watched the previous seasons (yet), so this is like my second fave so far. There’s so many easter eggs, it’s wild ! You’re gonna love that especially if you’re a hardcore Black Mirror fan… okay, so there’s this museum that’s in the middle of nowhere really, in the US desert and it showcases all kinds of artifacts that are related to murders or other bad things that someone did. The proprietor tells stories about some, and his dialogue is totally quotable at key moments. I like that.

It’s all about pain, and feelings, and impossible situations that make humans interact and act a way they normally wouldn’t. I totally related to some of the things that were said, which is what caught my attention mostly… plus as you know, I like psychopath stuff, and this is it. The ending is perfect and totally badass. I don’t really want to spoil this episode, you should watch it ! I’m recommending it like 100%.

RATING – 8.5/10 Awesome !

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