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Season 1, episode 10 – Despite Yourself

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I love Star Trek so much… dang it. I was impatiently waiting for a new episode of Discovery on Netflix, I hate when good shows like this one take breaks because I want to be able to keep binge watching forever. Unfortunately, this show is subjected to the same rules as the ones broadcasted on TV channels; I mean at least the impatience builts up the excitement for when there’s finally an episode released.

This is a “to be continued” type of episode, it’s gonna leave you on a cliffhanger but that’s not for the worse, because the storyline is so interesting that you’ll want the writers to explore it further, like in more sequels. Anyway, Captain Lorca has pushed Lieutenant Stamets over his limits, even though he was aware of his medical issues. Stamets main function was to be the ship’s spore drive, which means he was vital for the crew to make rapid jumps in space. But he’s unable to after making one too many, and he’s in a weird state, between talking giberrish to throwing punches. He also transported the ship by mistake, in an alternative universe where everyone’s stuck until they figure out another way to get back home.

So that’s where we’re at ! In this alternative universe, the Federation doesn’t exist as we know it. It’s governed by xenophobic Terrans under “The Empire” who rage war on Klingons, Vulcans and the Andorians that have formed an alliance against them. The USS Discovery crew is forced to transform the ship into a Starfleet ISS battle cruiser, and change their appearance as well so they can pretend they’re part of the Terrans, as no other species would help them. While all that is going on, Ash Tyler who’s going through some wild flashbacks, breaks the neck of Doctor Hugh Culber… I am so disgusted and disappointed that this happened.

Apparently, while Ash Tyler was held captive by the Klingons, they made modifications to his body & mind and he’s basically living as if he were two people at once ?! Which would totally explain why L’Rell is obsessed with him… he’s like half part Klingon now, and Stamets between his giberrish talks said he was the enemy on board. Oh la la, that does not quite sound good for whatever’s gonna happen next. We definitely can’t trust Tyler.

The crew managed to come up with an insane plan, where Captain Lorca becomes a bounty found by Michael Burnham, who wait for this : is the Captain of the ISS Shenzou. That’s how they get onto that ship from The Empire. I’m not sure what they’re looking for, but some type of information or assistance as to how to get out of this freakish universe they’re not from, before they’ve been made and all hope is lost for a getaway plan. & that’s how it ends ! We’re gonna have to wait for next week to know if they’re gonna make it or not.

RATING – 8/10 Great ! it’s a good idea for an episode, I’m anxious for what’s to come but can’t wait to find out.

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