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Bright | Netflix – review

Bright is definitively NOT the worst movie of 2017, far from that…

This is Netflix’s first blockbuster and despite all of the negative reviews you might have read so far, Bright is not a waste by any means. I watched it as soon as I got the notification for it, and I highly enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, the Orc and Scott Ward played by Will Smith were cracking a lot of jokes despite this alternate dark looking Los Angeles that is struggling with the coexistence of many species such as fairies and elves, orcs and of course humans.

This was a great action and adventure movie, that mixed real life elements with magic and I really digged it. As per usual, I do not understand the haters online who are criticizing something that’s supposed to be fun, a movie with Will freaking Smith, and perfectly in time for the Holiday season; most of us are at home enjoying time off, preparing for Christmas with family & friends, this is a cool new and original movie that we can play on TV without needing to leave our home sweet home. The more people criticize actually good things like this, the less we’ll get those.

Enough about my rant trying to advocate for a movie that I believe does not need it. The audience who’s gonna see it won’t hate it, critics just like bashing stuff but in the end their opinions means nothing if the public enjoys what they’re watching. They have a great soundtrack, the costumes and makeup looks awesome, and Tikka (one of the elves) is the cutest : totally got a crush on her. If you don’t want spoilers, now it’s time for you to stop reading because the next part of this post is the actual review.

The movie at the beginning is centered on the police department of LA, Will Smith and the Orc are representing the good non-corrupt cops while most of the others are borderline racists and thugs. While they go on a mission that ends up derailing completing, they find themselves with this Elf named Tikka and a magic wand… that wand has incredible properties and grants wishes, but it only works if you’re a special type of person called a “Bright” if not, it consumes you completely to death. So very powerful and dangerous, and seeked by many bad people.

Tikka asks for protection, she explains that she’s trying to get away from an evil elf called Leilah, from whom she stole the wand. Leilah is played by Noomi Rapace, and she’s part of the Inferni, their goal is to use the magic want to bring back the “Dark Lord” who is going to reign with terror. From there and then, Will Smith and the Orc are trying their best to save the world but everything keeps going sideways for them. It’s the opposite of boring, situations are happening one after the other and you can’t really take your eyes off the movie if you don’t want to miss it.

In the end as you can imagine, things finish for the better. We learn that Leilah was actually Tikka’s sister… the Orc & Will Smith become heroes and everyone is safe. I loved the fight scenes with the Inferni elves the most, Noomi Rapace is a badass ! I’m surely gonna re-watch it with my sister when she has a break, this is her type of thing, magic creatures and action with the LAPD, gangs and the Feds. Plus it’s based in LA, which is like home to us.

RATING – 8/10 GREAT Look, if you have Netflix and don’t watch this, it’s just silly. This is exactly why you pay your membership for, it’s so that Netflix can produce more and more originals like this. Honestly it’s entertaining, it’s something you want to watch with popcorn and a couple people while chilling in your living-room. I liked it and I don’t care if the critics are hating on it. Some people should really cool off and stop being so aggressive, for their own good.

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