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How to watch the EPIC DC Comics crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” ?

This isn’t a review

This year’s DC Comics crossover was epic ! but… if you aren’t following every show : Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow then you might be wondering how to catch all the episodes ? and in which order…? well this post is here to answer just that.

No spoilers, I mean apart for some stills, and no review but if you want to know if it’s worth catching up, definitively ! It was well written and directed, I wish there were more use of the Legends and Supergirl’s strength but all in all it was an amazing job and a cool storyline.

It begins with Supergirl, watch episode 8 from season 3 to get you started; then go for Arrow, the sequel will be on episode 8 of season 6 ! yeah, long time running show 🙂 The third part is shown on The Flash, again episode 8 but from season 4 and finish with the incredible Legends of Tomorrow, their episode 8 season 3.

Little recap :
SUPERGIRL – Episode 8, Season 3
ARROW – Episode 8, Season 6
THE FLASH – Episode 8, Season 4
LEGENDS OF TOMORROW – Episode 8, Season 3

Have fun binging !

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