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Supergirl Season 3 Premiere review

Girl of Steel
aka Supergirl darkness

This review not only contains spoilers, but is probably completely biased as this show has become my favorite since it first aired two years ago. I have been dying of excitement for the Season 3 Premiere, I was finally able to watch it today and it did not disappoint me at all as a “Superfan”. So you guys have been warned, brace yourself for my review and by the way, I just love Kara’s new highlights !

The episode starts with Supergirl’s focus on Mon-El, and we can clearly see that she is heartbroken and is experiencing a time of grief which translates for darkness in Kara Danver’s world. But she’s decided to give her whole full warrior-badass potential into being the best superhero National City could ever hope for… unfortunately, that means that she is ignoring her “human” side, and life as Kara, becoming more Kryptonian on screen than ever before.

The new villain we are being offered is quite the manipulative and megalomaniac business type of guy. We don’t really know what all of his angles are from this first episode, but they’re clearly up to no good since he hired some guy to cloak a freaking nuke so that no one at the DEO, not even Supergirl, could see it coming when they would launch it to destroy the city; and they did all that during the inauguration of the Girl of Steel statue.

Supergirl showed a tremendous force of character during this whole situation, she almost died drowned but she managed to “wake up” figuratively and literally, and saved National City once more, by pulling with her Herculean strength a whole submarine from underwater. It was quite impressive, and I just thought to myself at that moment : that poor girl, all the things she’s been put through as a hero and person, and she’s always come through despite the harsh situations she’s had to experience. She deserves happiness, so I hope the writers will give her back some love by bringing back Mon-El into her life.

The mention of the biggest and gayest wedding to come, between Alex and Maggie who look adorable together, was one of those cool moments in this episode. Like Lena Luthor buying out CatCo and wanting to work there with her bestie Kara, and the touching moment between Alex and J’onn when she asked him to walk her down the aisle.

By the end of the episode, Supergirl was kind of back to herself, allowing her humanity to take over by trying to pursue what makes her whole. I don’t know if she’s gonna be able to leave all that darkness behind, but I am intrigued about this new character we’ve been shown, the future Reign… and this thing, that was uncovered in the waters.

RATING – 8.5/10 AWESOME ! I enjoyed this premiere so much, I am emotionally invested in this show and I found the beginning of the third season great and up to my wishes. I think it’s going to be an interesting season…


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