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Harley Quinn and Batman #1 review

I love it ! I absolutely love this ! It feels so old school, back to the “Batman : The Animated Series” era, but comics style and it’s awesome. I had a blast reading this issue, which is so short that it left me wanting for much more… I want more stories with Batman & Harley, I want to see them in all kinds of situations, I want them to work together / against each other, I want it all !

Thank you DC Comics for bringing the old Harley back, with all the OG characters, it felt amazing to rekindle this style.

In this issue, Harley is with the Joker but she’s messed around with his toys and basically gave up their hideout location to the Bat, so that he could find and catch them; she planned that revenge plot to get back at Mistah J, because she’s jealous of the attention he gives to Batman. I’m not gonna tell you how it all goes down, but Poison Ivy appears at the end to save her BFF aka best friend.

RATING – 8/10 great ! Totally recommend, get this and have fun reading it.


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