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There’s been 20 days since…

… the last time I posted something here ! 😦

I’m sorry, I lied !… but it wasn’t intentional ! Look guys, I truly thought when I came back from my “break” I would have time to manage everything but instead, I was overwhelmed because I started new projects right away since my schedule was lighter, and in the end it ended up being worse than my previous schedule… more packed & busy.

I am truly so sorry, I know I’m repeating myself but I hate not keeping up with my geek hobbies and this magazine is on top of all for me. It’s been actually hard being away from it, and not posting. I decided no more excuses : unfortunately it seems like I can’t get my schedule in order (ever) so I will just have to find time for this. If something makes you happy, then you gotta find a way to do it.

I would post something right now, besides this news, but I have to go… I’m doing a photoshoot in a bit, with my favorite model aka muse – by the way, you can check my photography work on my blog : – I will schedule some cool stuff later, to keep you all updated with geek awesomeness & I plan on dying my hair pink or completely blonde in a couple days only, so after that I’m gonna make videos for the mag like reviews, or commentaries on comics and movies etc. It’s gonna be fun !

See you later ! Thanks for being a faithful audience, I see you haven’t
dropped checking on updates from my stats so that’s great 🙂 xoxox


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