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hello everyone !

We’re back !me

Sorry for taking a break for a week, but I’m basically managing our geek websites all on my own and little do you guys know but I’m actually also a photographer… so I’ve got that going, and photoshoots to attend and I also make videos; I aspire to become a filmmaker 🙂

I have classes too, as if my life wasn’t busy enough I currently follow a course from Yale. Yes, you could call me a “nerd” but more accurately I’m just a hyperactive person & I love doing all kinds of things because I’m curious and always eager to learn & do as much as I can in my life.

Since my schedule is somewhat back to normal, I’m gonna be back posting new content on here; if any of you want to help out and be contributors to the mag, you can send me an e-mail at

Other than that, you can check my personal Blog : HERE
perhaps binge-watch my YouTube channel : HERE


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