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Powerless “Wayne or Lose”

Comments on the first episode


Spoilers incoming !

I was really excited about this new series from DC Comics, it’s their first sitcom and it looked funny from the trailer, so I was impatient to see how they would play it out. It was good but short, only 30 minutes to introduce all the characters and the storyline of this new show but it was nice, and it definitely made me went to see more of it !

I also have to add that I love Vanessa Hudgens, and it was nice that they picked her to play the main part, totally got me more into it. I liked that they mentioned Bruce Wayne, and that we got his crazy-ass cousin Van who is not looking out for the best interest of the company, but his personal agenda…

So, the company in itself is like a factory where they’re supposed come up with ideas and build cool gadgets to help people who don’t have any superhero abilities, to basically get through their days better. It’s situated in Charm City, and apparently they have lots of incidents and it would be useful to prevent some of them.

But by the end of the episode, we hear that Batman used one of the latest gadget they came up with, and engineered it to his needs and used it purposefully to catch a villain… I have a feeling, this Wayne company is very much going to produce many things the Bat is going to use in the future episodes; that’s pretty neat !


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