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GEEKLAND magazine is on a break !

It’s something we’ve never done before…

… in preparation of something you haven’t seen here yet !

We’re taking a full five-weeks break to get ready for the awesome new things we can’t wait to share with you 😀 From the 2nd January, ’till the 6th February : there will be no new post… but what awaits you afterwards, will be worth the said wait !

As the magazine is expanding and reaching more readers, we want to be able to please everyone, so we’re adding a brand new category soon, that we didn’t dare to explore before but know would be enjoyable for many of you; I’m gonna say it now : SCIENCE !

Heck yes, science guys 🙂 Since childhood I’ve been passionated about Physics and all the funny things it explains, and the cool experiments I can do. Before being a geek, I was a total nerd… then puberty hit, thankfully, and I transformed into a unicorn of the geek force.

This magazine was created to be all about the geek culture, but I’ve realized science is a great part of the lives of many geeks in the world, and it’s a shame that we’ve overlooked something I (& others) are so into.

To celebrate this new year, we’ve finally decided to go for it ! We’re also starting our first series on YouTube, that will be science related and kids oriented, where we will be doing experiments, explaining some odd sciency things, and of course going to awesome museums for tours and even interview some very nerdy people.

Love you, see you in February !

xoxox, Madison Kennedy



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