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LeeAnna Vamp is AMAZING !!

I met my favorite cosplayer 😀Meeting LeeAnna Vamp

I’ve been wanting to meet LeeAnna Vamp forever ! She’s always been my number one, fave cosplayer out there… what do I like about her ? Her choices of cosplays are awesome, she looks incredible, she seems like such a nice person, and I dig the fangs… yeah, definitely THE FANGS are a winner here.

But seriously, on Friday 21st October I was at Paris Comic Con & because I was stressing out so much about not missing on the opportunity of seeing her in real life, and get to tell her how I think she’s cool and that she’s my favorite cosplayer, I got myself a photo-op ticket and it went super well; she was so sweet, she hugged me !

Her husband was also there, and I went to her booth later to get a couple posters (that I’ll hang in my bedroom), she signed them all plus the photo I got with her. She let me take a picture for the mag, that you can check below. We chatted just a tiny bit, because my heart was literally beating so fast – I have no idea what I even said… but it’s okay, at least I managed to express myself a minimum, and this was the best day ever !

Thank you LeeAnna Vamp if you’re reading this, you & your husband are such great people, it was incredible meeting you !

LeeAnna Vamp


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