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Meeting awesome actors at Paris Comic Con

Paris Comic Con circa 2016

This year it was incredible ! I met some of my favorite actors & I was definitely starstruck… seeing them in real life was something 😀 They were all super nice, and entertaining during the panels, it was such a blast.

By the way yes, I’m in the red circle you will notice in the pictures 🙂

First panel of the day was with Eliza Dushku that I couldn’t believe I was seeing in front of me, with my own two eyes. She played Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, & not many know this but that is my favorite TV series of all time. I idolize everything in the Buffyverse, I was so excited for this panel, it was unbelievable ! I was in geek heaven.


Second panel in the company of the freaking awesome Mike Colter aka LUKE CAGE !! Ah… haven’t expressed my love for this new Marvel show on the mag yet, but I will, because I absolutely loved it. This guy has such a deep and strong voice, and he does look impressive when you see him just like that, but he was so charming & friendly, he tried to shake as many hands he could when they told him it was time to exit the panel.


Last panel of the day was dedicated to the most popular show of our time, I’m naming Game of Thrones. Carice van Houten who portrays Melisandre the priestess, nicknamed “The Red Woman” was there. The Comic Con was honored she attended, since she gave birth to her first child in late August of this year, and offered her a children’s songbook of famous french songs. Unfortunately her mouth remained zip-tied when the audience asked for a couple spoilers on the next season, which will be the 7th.

The only thing we got out of our pressing questions, is that William Simpson who is a comic artist that draws the storyboards for Game of Thrones, already knows what’s going to happen in season 7 UP ‘TILL THE VERY END OF IT !! So… if you want to harass someone for spoilers, it’s him ! Let me tell you that our mind just blew away when he admitted that on the panel, I was like “gosh, why… !!! I need answers !!”

That was on Friday 21st October, and as you can tell, my day was full of amazing surprises and just perfect. This was the best Comic Con they made in France, and I’ve been to many, so congratulation to the squad who took care of all things.


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