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GEEKLAND magazine, editorial 9

It’s time for spooks !

Man… I love Halloween. October is like a month-fest of creepy-horror-awesomemness.  It’s my favorite period of the year !

I’m back in Paris and attending the Comic Con here on Friday 21st October : can’t wait for that. My primary goal for this convention is to meet my favorite cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp, who I’ve been trying to get a picture with, and small chat to tell her how cool she is, for YEARS !! So, this is gonna be my time to shine because she is officially invited to Paris Comic Con and I can’t miss it.

Besides that, this month is packed with some of best geek TV shows that are finally starting their new seasons. I’m excited mostly for The Flash & Supergirl, but I’m watching them ALL. Lots of reviews coming up, lots of binge watching on weekends when I have free time for that.

That’s about it guys, I’m real excited as usual about all the upcoming events and series & movies, and I’m also super grateful you’re sticking up with me and hopefully enjoying the content I share here on the mag.

Have a spooktacular Halloween !


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