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iZombie – Ravi & Liv

My favorite dialogue from Season 1

Liv : What the hell is Warlock Forest ?
Ravi : Have you been living under a crag ? Which is a large jagged rock in Warlock Forest. It’s an MMORPG. A multiplayer online role playing game.
Liv : Oh, is that one of those games where grown men pretend to be warrior gnomes and quest after magical knickknacks ?
Ravi : No. It’s one of those games where hard-working professionals can relax whilst performing virtual heroic acts that require creativity, tactical skills and teamwork, while saving the Moss Princess. It’s a billion-dollar industry. Some people even get paid loads of money to level up characters that can dominate in these games.
Liv : People make money playing video games ?
Ravi : Oh yeah, it’s a big business.



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