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GEEKLAND magazine – Editorial #8

Return from the summer holidays for a Geek

Hello fellow geek friends, and welcome to a new issue of Geekland magazine. The most exciting news for me this month, is that I’m coming back to Paris and will be able to attend Comic Cons there (& maybe even in London !) – so stay tuned for the official schedule if you’re looking forward to meet up 🙂

This month is all about being more serious, and productive. I think you’ll definitively notice a positive change, there’s so many awesome things planned that are going to be really exciting to share. I’m just happy that I will finally have time on my hands, which will be dedicated to the mag and its content.

I couldn’t be more vague I guess… so let me detail it a bit for you, my most awesome reader : it won’t be (almost) only about cosplay anymore, although that is gonna remain a big part – as you can tell from this month’s cover. We’re gonna dive into the extensive geek world, and report all the latest news. So…

Live long & prosper !


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