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GEEKLAND magazine – Editorial #7

It’s an exciting month for us geeks !

Star Trek Beyond is out this month šŸ˜€ my mental state is : hardcore fandom going wild – I need help, or more evidently I need to watch that freaking awesome movie. I’m so impatient, I’m literally counting the days to it. I know it in my guts, that it’s going to be great and I want to seeĀ it so much.

Obviously we have dedicated the cover, editorial & even the headers of GEEKLAND magazine to it. But, it’s not going to be only that… throughout this month, we will be celebrating Star Trek with random posts to satisfy our followers (and ourselves). We’re sorry we’ve been on a two-weeks break without notice, but we kinda left for an unplanned vacation trip and just got back completely ready to geek this sh*t out !

Also something real important that is the joy & life for most of us : San Diego Comic Con happening soon. It’s too bad we can’t be there to report live, but no matter we will still share on the mag everything that we enjoyed about this 49th edition. So let’s get going…




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