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Flashpoint review


This is a theory guys, but what if The Flash was going with the Flashpoint storyline for season 3 ? If any of you have been watching the TV show on CW, then you know of the cliffhanger they left us at the finale. Mind blowing and super upsetting, Barry Allen did something that is definitively going to change it all…

It could even mean that it will affect another DC Comics series, Arrow. I won’t include Legends of Tomorrow, because they’re pretty much safe from the timeline being constantly kinda out of it, since they’re time travelers… or should I ? Definitively won’t include Supergirl though, since she’s on another Earth. In my opinion, that would be awesome if it happened all over the multiverse, due to one terrible action Barry Allen did.

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I got my hands on the Flashpoint – because yes, that is my theory for at least the beginning of season 3 of The Flash; I couldn’t wait until fall to see what’s up, I needed to read this graphic novel now & get a few ideas to my theory, and try to imagine what will the writers of the show come up with, because obviously they can’t make it just like in the comics.

It almost left me with more questions than I had before starting this amazing 5-issues comic book, but it was well worth it. I really enjoyed Andy Kubert’s artworks, and the Flashpoint paradox in which Barry is stuck with, written by no other than Geoff Johns. It’s a great story, and I was especially interested by Superman’s unrecognizable features and Bruce Wayne’s dad being the Batman… also the main point, which is a war raging between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

It’s an end of the world type of scenario, the Earth is literally on the edge of splitting and it’s a total chaos that Barry Allen created and can’t even remember about… blaming his nemesis, the Reverse Flash for something he was the one to cause.

7.5/10 WOW It’s a pretty badass situation for fans to digest, and let’s not forget this event participated in DC Comics launch of The New 52. If you’re dying to know how that happened, or if you want something to tame the wait until The Flash season 3 is out, you can’t go wrong with this graphic novel.

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