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Supergirl finale review

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So I know I’m late, but I haven’t been able to finish watching a lot of TV series I’m currently digging, such as Supergirl… which I’ve only seen the season finale last night. Guess what ? yes, I was in tears (what’s new) and double yes to how awesome it was.

OMG the things that happened ! Supergirl has truly become someone I look up to, she’s inspiring hope and kindness, and strength, as a female lead that’s something. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again : Melissa Benoist is the perfect fit for that character. She’s portraying my favorite version of this superhero, she’s just the cutest and I’ve become totally cheesy involved with this show.


When it comes to the season finale episode itself, it was more of a two-part thingy. The Myriad effect on humans had started in the previous episode. I definitively recommend to stream them one after the other so you don’t get frustrated like most of the viewers had to be, waiting an entire week for the last episode; I would have lost it !

Basically Myriad was a cataclysmic mind control effect, that was about to cause the end of the world, if Supergirl didn’t save it all :p Even Superman, who shortly appeared from afar, was affected and couldn’t help out… reason given was that his brain is more like humans, having grown up on Earth, whereas Supergirl is much more alien-Kryptonian.


The finale had lots of highlights, from J’onn J’onzz fight with Indigo ripping her in two halves, to Cat promoting Kara and pronouncing her name right for the first time, to Supergirl lifting the million tons Fort Rozz prison on a suicide mission & Alex saving her in space using the pod she crashed in…

8/10 GREAT Speaking of pod, all of this good stuff got me like “what the heck is happening in the last scene ?!” there’s another pod crash ! WHO IS IN THERE ??! They cut the episode, without any hints and I’m left wondering if it’s Superboy – could be, maybe ? I can’t believe we have to wait until season 2 to find that out…

See you in the fall Supergirl ! On CW 🙂



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