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Warcraft review


Stop the hate ! I am baffled at some of the negative reviews I’ve read online… guys, we finally got a movie adaptation from this amazing RTS & MMORPG game that millions play worldwide. Just be happy with that !

I was so excited before the movie, I couldn’t keep still waiting for the doors to open, and when it finally did, I rushed down to my seat I had booked way back… and enjoyed this freaking awesome 2-hours long spectacle – because yes, they put up a big action show and made a quite interesting storyline.


What I loved the most were all the costumes, and attention to details related to the WoW world just like the Orc language. In my opinion, they tried to respect as much as it was possibly manageable, to stick to this universe and please the fans. Mission accomplished when it comes to me, I’ve totally liked it and for sure, want to watch it again… and of course, play World of Warcraft.

My favorite character is Khadgar; he is a mage that will basically save the day. He becomes more and more powerful as the movie goes on, and has the best personality. From the moment he was on screen, I knew this rebellious spell-caster would be my fave. Garona, the half-orc / half-human (although she’s half-draenei not human, in the franchise) is the sexiest most badass female character out there. She’s literally empowering, and savage with an hint of decency, just the way I like it.

7/10 NICE All in all, it’s a great movie to see for entertainment, and should please the fans as hopefully they’ll notice the efforts made despite some stuff that are kind of overloaded.



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