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I did it !

YouTube’s Foundations for success “boot camp”
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 4.12.22 AMHi everyone !

Some of you who might have been following the magazine for about a month now, should be aware that I registered for this YouTube “boot camp” that started on April 20th in hope to learn how to better myself in the process of video-making. Making & creating motion pictures is somewhat of a dream and hobby for me, but I’ve never thought of myself as good enough… this year of 2016, I have decided to go for it and make as much as I can happen;

I am actually kind of proud of myself, and I’m not saying this to seem arrogant, it’s just that I haven’t completed any online classes I’ve taken in the last two years, at all. For some reason, this YouTube course meant a lot to me & I made time to go through the lessons and take the quizz : on the last freaking day !

Most of my followers already know that I have a pretty hectic life, since I travel a lot it’s very difficult for me to keep up with normal stuff, so making time to study or read lessons for a course, and then doing the exercises and completing the tests is like almost impossible; and that was the main reason why I’ve never been able to complete any other online classes I took.

This though, was only gonna last for 20 days, which made me want to do it. I thought I could deal with an extra project for a short amount of time, and I’m happy it worked out. Now I’m all done, ready to brainstorm ideas for videos and trying them out. I’m also realizing I could take another class some time, and probably find a way to complete it just like I managed for this one 🙂

I guess it’s time to make awesome YouTube videos ? erm… let’s hope so !


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