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Meetup at “Captain America Civil War” screening

Meet Madison Kennedy before & after the movie !civilwar2Hello everyone !

We had a great meeting up schedule planned for Paris Comics Expo, Geekopolis & MCM London Comic Con, but since I won’t be able to attend I am organizing a new (last minute) meetup — and probably more in the future, so don’t worry if you miss out this one 🙂

I am currently in Serbia for personal reasons, and will be going to the “Captain America : Civil War” screening this Saturday. You can meet me up anytime before & after the movie, but I already got my seat and since it’s going to be crazy-town, I do advise you to get your tickets before it’s sold out.

Here’s the full infos !
Saturday 7th, May
Cineplexx movie teather
Inside Usce Shopping Center

I’m going to the first 3D screening that day, which is around 2pm. I have the middle seat on 5th row, because obviously I know it’s the best (I definitively did that : kept refreshing the page until it was available for booking). I know I have some readers from Serbia, so if you come, say hi, promise I don’t bite… because I’m more of a telepathic Darth Vader kind of person (joking).



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