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Canceled meetings at Comic Cons !

I’m sorry guys !IMG_6776Due to my hectic life, I won’t be able to make it at Paris Comics Expo, Geekopolis and MCM London Comic Con in April & May 2016… why ? I simply can’t travel during those months for personal reasons.

I’m utterly disappointed to be missing out those amazing conventions, and I know some of you might have expected meeting me there, especially at London Comic Con as I met followers & fans (who were in luck to find & recognize me in the crowd) the previous times I went, but let it not be a reason not to go 🙂

Those Comic Cons have incredible guest lists, awesome cosplayers attending, and such a great energy that if you can, you should definitively go — as for me, I will make it up soon : I am already planning a new meet-up, but more on that later 😀 stay tuned to know the place & date you might catch me up !


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