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Star Wars Episode VIII rumors12991045_942681129179684_2927939420357593693_n

Have you heard of that one yet ? Supposedly the title for the next episode would be “Echoes of the Dark Side” WTF ??! It sounds lame… what echoes, in space ? There’s no such thing. I’m so mad right now;

After seeing the “Rogue One” trailer which was for a hardcore-old school-Star Wars fan, who adores the original trilogy LIKE ME, a disappointment : I don’t see why they are even making that movie, we didn’t ask for it & I certainly don’t see what’s the point except obviously, that Disney is trying to milk the Star Wars franchise by possibly ruining & turning it into something that is totally NOT STAR WARS ANYMORE.

Now we’re getting rumors about the script being leaked & titled like this ? “Echoes of the Dark Side” PLEASE, NO ! There is so many better titles to come up with, this one doesn’t make any sense, and even if they give an explanation in the movie, it will still be the worse title of the whole franchise. I seriously hate whoever came up with it & if this ends up being a fact and not a rumor, then know that they destroyed the hope & dreams of many geeks out there, to whom Star Wars means more than everything.

PS. and bring us back HAN SOLO !!


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