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Editorial #6

bvs_batfight_wpwThis month, I’m losing my mind (even more than usual) 😛

I’ve been waiting for the next Superman release since I saw Man of Steel in 2013… long time guys. I completely freaked out when they announced it would be a face-off with Batman, and yeah, entered a trance when I learned Wonder Woman will make her first movie debuts in Dawn of Justice.

Three awesome superheroes, the “Trinity” (comic book reference for geek junkies like me) all together, fighting in that one movie ? YES PLEASE !!

It looks like there’s going to be some heavy exchanges between Bat & the last son of Krypton. Let’s just be clear, at Geekland magazine we’re #TeamSuperman. This being my mag, me being the Editor-in-Chief, and Superman being my DC Comics favorite superhero means, the whole crew and magazine stands behind Kal-El 🙂

We still support Wonder Woman, whatever her role will be in this, and dig Batman’s badass new look. The whole crew will be attending the IMAX 3D premiere in Paris next Wednesday, 2 days prior the US release and we cannot wait ! I’m definitively going at least 4 hours even before the movie theater opens its doors, to stand in line, like a total degenerate because I’m not spoiling this event with bad seating.

I have a feeling it will be intense, and that my body and mind won’t be ready for it whatever preparation I’m going for… it doesn’t matter, I need this to shock me out of my senses; like, just give it to me already !

Hope you guys don’t think I’m insane (I kinda am though) because I literally live for these things… oh & you’ll be able to follow live updates on my Snapchat : itsmadilicious — if you want to experience the madness first hand.

xoxox, Madison Kennedy


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