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I’m so sorry guys !

I have been really bad… I have definitively not being good about updating this mag as often as I should have, which is a shame because I went to two conventions this month and attending another one soon… I’ve got so many awesome pictures to share with you, but my life has been so busy !

It’s crazy hard to deal with everything when you’re just a one-person. My sister Dakota who is an occasional contributor couldn’t take over either, since she has been busy doing her own things : so there’s only me and it’s gotten overwhelming. I’m trying my best, but so far, it’s not enough.

I think especially right now it’s been a challenge for me to keep you updated on the geek world, because I’m working on something else, photography-related that is actually my main concern. I don’t want, and can’t give up posting here, but I guess I can’t help a little break to take place. I wish there was a couple of you guys who would contribute to the mag, but you’re all being so shy !

If you want to write though, anything geek related, send it at :

I’ll personally check it out and might post it on here, giving you credits. That’s it for now, I’m super sorry but the mag is on a break for a little while. Hope you understand, love xoxox


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