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Editorial #5

IMG_6621Hi  fellow geeks !
I’ve got some very good news 😀 thanks to your support, Geekland magazine is turning a year this month and the Marvel movie Deadpool is on the spotlight. That’s not all 🙂 this used to be a quarterly magazine, which means we would release an issue every three months : well, no more…

Now get ready because the mag will be monthly ! New issue for every month, how cool is that ? If you ask me, awesome, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for some time already and I’m really excited about it.

I am freaking out about Deadpool guys… we just have to wait a couple more days to finally see it on the big screen, I’m going nuts ! I’ve only heard & read positive reviews from people who’ve seen an early screening, so I’m like, give it to me, I need my Marvel-antihero-fix.

It’s taking over our February issue, and even the theme has been Deadpool-ized (yeah yeah, trust me, that’s a thing). We’ll be back on the convention scene this month ! The last one we covered was Paris Comic Con in October, it’s been a while since & we’re totally booked with cons until summer. A lot of great stuff coming, stay tuned and keep on geeking !

xoxox, Madison Kennedy


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