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Teen Wolf, WTF ??!

by Madison Kennedy


I’m so disgusted ! I started binge watching Teen Wolf last week, and I wasn’t aware until I saw the last episode, that it was actually the last… ugh ?

What the hell, I’m so mad ! There’s usually 12 episodes per season : even when they made a two-part season 3, there was 12 episodes for each part, but the last season had only 10 episodes ?!

& apparently because they’re also doing it in two parts, like season 3; then why the heck doesn’t it have 12 episodes as well, like every other seasons & parts ! What is this sh*t ? this is not okay !

I was not mentally prepared to handle a season finale, I did not expect the 10th episode to be it. First of all, they put the worst imaginable things in that episode… this whole last season, it was just so much to take in, and I was not ready for it to end.

Secondly, it wasn’t even a real ending ! They just kinda did a “let’s make the 10th episode a freaking mess and leave it like that until the 2nd part comes in”.

Thankfully, the second part will be broadcasted on MTV January 5th, so that’s next week, but that doesn’t change anything. I could have used a spoiler-heads up to at least prepare myself for a season finale.

I hate season finales ! They are always full of intensity and they can leave you, totally washed out. I feel cheated, and I’m really annoyed, it’s like I’m gonna die if I don’t see the rest… waiting an entire week feels like eternity to me right now. I can’t believe most have had to wait since last August for that second part;

I’m glad I binge watched that TV show during this holiday season, because either I would have freaked out and lost it if I had seen it last summer when it was on MTV, or I would have been like so done with the world.

OMG, seriously… what the hells. Teen Wolf, just be back already.


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