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School winter break aka. I’m not sure what I am anymore

By Madison Kennedy

My state right now is in-between being a human and a couch, eating cereals and murdering my eyes watching TV shows all day / night long : yes, you’ve guessed it, winter break is finally here ! and since it’s cold and all gloomy outside, what better to do than stay home and binge watch series & movies 🙂

For that reason I may post not-so-professional articles during this period, because you know, I’m herp derping and enjoying my vacation time, but no worries, I’ll still post geek updates every days !

This is me during school breaks…12226954_947707785301844_3670293262398742527_n

That’s more like every day you’re off school and your parents are working…11811290_899067776832512_8185719294399919093_n

Also, major plan of the day is seeing “Regular Show : The Movie” 😀


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