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Star Wars : The Force Awakens – first impressions

By Madison Kennedy


I know I said I would write a “SUPER SPOILER REVIEW” (on my Facebook) the same day I would see Star Wars… you know, I thought that would be the first thing I’d do after I’d be back home, that I’d want to write it all down BUT I COULDN’T !

I’ve been literally waiting years to see a sequel, and I had so much expectations after they announced they would do it, every day this year felt just a day closer to finally seeing it… I went at dawn to get in line in front of the movie theater, because I wanted to get the best possible seat so I could enjoy it truly.

My freaking mind was just blown… it’s not like it’s the best movie ever made (but, close) it’s that for a fan it’s so much to take in after many years of wait, and the feels while watching it’s almost indescribable. So, when the movie ended I was still sitting there and I couldn’t process it ALL, I had the music on my mind all day, the images kept coming back to me;

I was stuck in front of my computer at home, and I knew I couldn’t write a review yet, because I need to see it again. I have to settle my mind, because I’m currently losing it ! I don’t even know how to start, how to even explain my feelings about it, how to say ANY OF IT…

The only thing I can say without spoiling, is that it was beyond amazing. I am grateful to J. J. Abrams and Georges Lucas, and yes, Disney too, for making it. It was an incredible motion picture, my hopes as a fan were not deceived. I actually did cry (bring tissues if you plan on watching it, just in case 😛 ) because it was so good.

PS. I think I’m gonna keep my ticket forever 🙂


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