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Gravity Rush

By Madison Kennedy


Gravity Rush is by far my favorite game to play on PS Vita, it clearly was made for that console, to use all its potential : it’s just awesome !

Would definitively recommend to any PS Vita owners, you won’t regret it. I had so much fun playing, couldn’t take a break from it. I’t’s pretty easy and the storyline is somewhat interesting. It’s anime world, and we’re following a girl who has gravity powers but a loss of memory, she’s trying to figure all things out and has this weird cat as a companion. She battles plenty of creepy monsters, flying / jumping around, and the graphics are pretty cool.

I was moving the console non-stop which made it fun, because that’s how you control her flying / jumping etc… it’s really a kind of addictive game, I’m glad I got it, and seriously : best PS Vita gameplay !


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